This winter we’ve already seen a larger amount of snow than we had in the past few years here in Fairfax and surrounding areas. And with the temperatures staying so low, the snow is sticking around for a long time. Now a few weeks ago we posted an article addressing the negatives effects of leaving snow on your roof – but we did not really address how to go about removing this snow properly and safely. With winter being far from over, this is something we should all think about.

The first thing to take into consideration when thinking about removing roof snow is that IT IS DANGEROUS. If you do not take the danger seriously and take proper safety precautions, you have a very high chance of being injured. If you’re still unconvinced, read the following article:

Olympic Workers Fall From Roof While Clearing Snow

Six workers fell off a roof Thursday at the bobsled center for the upcoming Winter Olympics in Sochi when the snow they were clearing slid to the ground. …

Next you need to consider not just how to remove snow, but when. This article not only provides some good safety tips, but also information on when snow removal is necessary:

Why and How to Remove Snow from Your House Roof

Winter is never care free if you live in the northern United States. Every snowstorm brings new dangers. With iced roads and sidewalks, power outages, higher gas bills, frost bite and shoveling snowdrifts, it’s no wonder most of us wish we could live in sunny-all-the-time Florida. …

And of course, understanding the tools available to you and how to use them safely will help you immensely. You can use either an ordinary snow shovel or an actual roof rake, both of which can be purchased at your local hardware store.  Here’s a good, simple explanation of how to use them:

As the above video and article both emphasize, if you can’t reach the snow safely you should not remove it yourself. If the snow must be removed, you should contact your local Fairfax roofing company to help you out. The price you will pay to have it professionally done is significantly less than six months of hospital bills.

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