“It was a dark and stormy night…” is the first line of a bad novel contest and also the potential source of emergency roofing repairs. As in any situation, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Preparation both mental and physical reduces your anxiety and lessens the severity of the impact of a disaster. You can’t stop the storms that seem to come with increasing ferocity, but you can be ready for their aftermath.

The first step is to get the name of a reliable Virginia (VA) roofing contractor. Have them come out to do a thorough inspection. Disasters rarely occur conveniently during business hours; they often happen at night, weekends, even when you are out of town. Knowing on a clear day there are missing shingles, flashing, or damaged valley metal, and then fixing those issues means less chance of surprises when the storm comes. As part of the inspection, the roofing company many point out any potential problems from overhanging branches or nearby trees that could come down during a storm. Of course then you need to call a tree company to resolve that.

Have several unbroken 5 gallon buckets from your local hardware store stored away in the event of unexpected leaks. To cover both indoor valuables and exterior holes when things crash into your roof, large tarps, ropes to tie them down, concrete blocks are handy.

Have a plan to deal with the unexpected. Prepare a list of phone numbers—your roofer, insurance company, water damage and restoration company, friends to stay with if the damage is extensive. Inventory your possessions and make sure your insurance coverage is the right type of coverage and high enough to replace what you might lose. Being prepared for emergency roofing repairs reduces their impact on your day.

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