If your house has a metal roof, you may have the one roof in the neighborhood that will outlast the rest by decades. Metal roofs are often chosen because they last significantly longer than most other roofs. However, in order to keep it in top condition, you will need to keep up a bit of maintenance:

Five Must-Know Tips to Caring for your Metal Roof

Maintenance for my metal roof? Say it ain’t so! It’s true that a metal roof is about the longest lasting roofing material you can buy and under normal conditions, it will certainly outlast just about every other material available. …

As with any roof, keeping it clean is important. If your roof and gutters are full of leaves and branches, the possibility of water damage occurring is much higher. So here are some tips for how to properly and safely clean off your metal roof:

Caring for a Metal Roof and Maintenance

Learn how you can maintain your metal roof. The finish on quality metal roofing panels will give you many years of trouble-free service. However, a metal roof is not completely maintenance free. …

If you happen to encounter a problem with your roof, the earlier you deal with it the better. A small fix now may save you hundreds of dollars in the future. Read the following for some minor issues you may encounter with your metal roof, and how to fix them:

How to Maintain a Metal Roof

Be careful not to let metals of different types touch each other. Chemical reactions between different materials can invite corrosion. …

If at any point you have a problem with your roof that you don’t feel competent to handle, contact your Annandale roofing professional immediately. Roofing work can be dangerous, so why take the risk? Let the professionals handle the difficult tasks.

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