No one likes to deal with managing your roof repair. The Virginia (VA) homeowner can do a few things to help facilitate the process. When faced with an obvious roof leak, there is a drip or track of water dripping down a wall, it is intelligent to look deeper into the problem.

If dripping down a drywall or plaster wall, is the wall getting soft? This can indicate that the leak was happening for a while. Is there mold or mildew on the bottom of the wall? The wall may need interior repairs as well as exterior repairs if this has been happening for a while.

A homeowner, curious about his roof repair, may want to see where the leak is originating. If competent and able, the homeowner may opt to go up into the ceiling. He should take the brightest flashlight with him. Extreme care will need to be exercised when doing this in order to keep safe and not damage the ceilings. The homeowner should stay out of the ceiling if he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Dripping water will often leave a mark where it has traveled. The water track usually stains the wood it has traveled on. It can be very easy to see. This can point directly to where it is leaking.

A certified roofing professional will go into the attic for you and find where it is leaking. After that, the next step is to get up on your roof and examine the condition of the roof. We will look for damages to the roof surface. Are there places where the shingles are cracked, shiny, brittle, or missing? Does the flat roof have any blisters or cracks? We will examine where all of the different levels of the roof meeting places and around the vents and chimneys. We will find where it is leaking from. We will determine the need and give you a fair estimate for the cost of managing your roof repair

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