You need to pay attention to your roof and check for possible roofing repairs any time something is done to it. It does not cost anything for us to give you a roof inspection, so don’t make the mistake of waiting before you call us.

We recently got called in to do an inspection for a Virginia (VA) homeowner because of water damage around the windows on one side of the house. The window repair company the home owner called did not see anything wrong with the windows and suggested a roofer might have the solution.

It seems that the home owner had a problem with the gutters filling up with leaves in the fall from several of the old maple and oak trees that have grown to an amazing height in one of our long-established neighborhoods. To solve the problem of overflowing gutters leaving nasty stains on his vinyl siding, he had leaf guards installed over the gutters.

On the side of the house where the windows were leaking we found most of the shingles along the edge of the roof had been forced up and cracked by the gutter leaf guards. It was lack of care on behalf of the gutter company. Every time it rained there was a lot of water leaking through the exterior wall that found a path to the windows.

We fixed the problem by doing some roofing repairs on that section of the roof after re-installing the leaf guards with the correct placement. We went back after the next big rain and used an infrared scan to confirm there was no more water leak before the owner had the interior water damage repaired.

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