Photo of when a Reputable Roof Repair Company is not used

A reputable roof repair company is your safest choice

If there was a way we could get down on our knees and beg you to only do business with a reputable roof repair company we would do it! We have run into far too many situations where a home owner called us to fix a roof that was incorrectly installed by an inexperienced roofer.

The last time it happened was for a home that had been given a roof replacement near the beach. The old asphalt shingles had been removed and new ones installed. When we took a close look at the job the roofer had done, it was obvious to us he was unsure of his work. He had used adequate fasteners but the shingles had been attached on a windy day.

Defective Roof Shingle Adhesive

How did we know? The answer is simple. A shingle is manufactured with an adhesive strip on the underside that acts as a security measure to keep it attached to the roof and provides a tighter seal. Although some roofers will not bother to remove the paper strip that protects it prior to installation, this one had. The problem was the adhesive was covered with sand from the nearby beach, evidence the underside of the shingles had been exposed to the wind.

We never recommend installing shingles on a windy day. You need every advantage of a correctly built roof to give your home the optimum waterproof barrier. Before you have work done on your home, make sure the contractor has plenty of experience. Ask the roof repair contractor to provide you with references and check them out!


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