Though it covers a small area, a gazebo roof replacement can be labor intensive. The most basic gazebo might have four sides, but most have more like six or eight sides, or may even be round on Victorian style gazebos

Gazebo Roof Replacement

Since a gazebo is outside and without solid walls, it is open to the Virginia (VA) elements. So when you find water on the wood or concrete floor, it may be hard to know if it came from the roof or in through where walls would be located. It may seem weird to worry about a few drips or leaks wetting the floor, but they do need to be repaired. If the roof is leaking, it probably has gone on for a while because the water source was uncertain. And if it has been a while, the damage could be more extensive than what you expect. It may be necessary to replace the roof, or even the supporting truss framework.   Tearing off the old roof is the first step. Once the decking supporting the roof covering is exposed, a roofer will be able to ascertain the extent of the damage.

Wooden decking may need to be replaced before the work can proceed. When the damaged decking is removed, the underlying trusses can be examined for possible replacement. The rebuild begins here with the bones of the structure, the trusses, then the decking, then the roof covering.   When it comes to the covering, there are will be a huge amount of ‘drops’, the piece of a shingle cut off when you come to the edge of the section. Fortunately, many can be reused on the next section, but it is this cutting and puzzle-piecing it back together that is so much work. Though roof repair labor intensive, gazebo roof replacement protects your summer escape zone

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