Image of a flat roof repair on a restaurant patio

Flat roof repair is key when using a roof for Restaurant Patio

Some of the builders in Virginia (VA) use an ingenious flat roof system to save construction costs, but this does not negate the need for flat roof repair. When you put up a building with rafters rather than roof trusses there is a major difference in the cost consideration. A flat roof allows you to take advantage of the otherwise unusable surface, but you must take care not to disturb the roofing materials.   We took care of the flat roof leaks for a restaurant owner who had chosen to build a roof top patio for his customers to enjoy their food in the sunshine. The results were charming – a cedar patio complete with several trellises supporting flowering vines. It was a popular spot for the residents in this particular town, since it provided a great view of the river.   The trouble was when the carpenters installed the patio platform they bolted it to the roof. They were careful to seal over the bolts with roofing compound, but the frequent walking traffic tore the sealant loose. When it rained, which does happen quite a bit in our beautiful state, water seeped under the roofing materials and damage the ceilings inside the facility.

The restaurant owner was forced to use moveable concrete footers to raise and hold the patio in place permanently. Our job of repairing the holes made from the bolts was not difficult once the patio was lifted. This is an unusual case of flat roof repair, but one to remember when you are thinking about using your roof


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