Image of Fixing Roof Leaks Before It Gets Costly in Virginia

If we were not fixing roof leaks for our Virginia (VA) customers we would feel like the “Maytag” repair man! This is our specialty and stopping water damage once and for all is what we do. On the other hand, we don’t want you to spend money on roof repair that could be avoided by some easy maintenance between roof inspections.

Keeping your roof clean is one of the best ways you can preserve your roofing materials and make the whole thing last longer. Cleaning your roof does not mean scrubbing it with detergent, although if it starts growing moss, you may need to consider a light power washing.

About all you need to do is sweep it clear of debris and organic materials, such as leaves and twigs. These things tend to collect in the low lying sections or roof valleys. These are very important areas for the health of your roof, since they are covered with strips of metal flashing. The flashing is applied in such as way as to seal the seams between the various sections on the roof where two different slopes meet at an angle.

When leaves and other debris sit on the flashing and deteriorates, the enzymes produced corrode the metal. This is one of the most common ways for you to end up with a leaky roof. If you can manage climbing a ladder a couple times a year to sweep it clean, you won’t have to deal with this problem. We like the idea of saving you money by fixing roof leaks only when really necessary.

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