Funny Image of when Emergency Roof Repairs is Avoided in Virginia

Basement Flooding can occur when Emergency Roofing Repairs is Avoided in VA

We don’t like doing emergency roof repairs because it usually means our customers are experiencing some sort of disaster. We like to be there when you need us, because we want to make sure whatever water damage is happening is stopped immediately before it becomes severe.

We had one lady that was so concerned about calling us in the middle of the night, she waited until her basement was flooded with six inches of water before she dialed our number. Can you imagine how much rain poured through her house to cause that much water in the basement?

The storm had been very bad and half the shingles on her home were torn off and scattered as far as her neighbor’s yard across the street. Once the shingles are gone, there is only a thin layer of moisture barrier paper between the weather and the roof sheathing. You cannot afford to let your roof deteriorate when you live in Virginia (VA). With all the gale force winds we get and the fierce winters, your home needs all the protection it can get.   We told our customer, as we are telling you – call us any time of the day or night if water is coming through your roof. It’s our job to protect your home and your furnishings. We can’t do it if we don’t know you are having a problem.

We suggest you write down our phone number in your emergency phone numbers list. The next time you need emergency roof repairs we expect to hear from you!

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