One of our Virginia (VA) customers had a dose of double trouble a few months ago, a drain line repair and a ridge vent repair. The drain lines in half of their home were not working. Their toilets were not flushing properly and their bathtub drained at a trickle pace. So they did what any smart home owner would do, they called a plumber. The plumber decided that there were most likely tree roots growing through the drain lines in the yard. He went up on the roof, and took a heavy snake machine and long coils of snake with him. It seems that having tree roots growing in the drainage pipes was not enough, he had to destroy the ridge vent by apparently stepping on it or dragging his snake machine a cross it. He did a good job and cleared out the pipes, but the secret gift was the one that surprised the homeowner. It was a good thing that the home owner saw the ridge vent hanging there a couple days latter and went up to check it out. The ridge vent was badly mangled and just dangling down one side of the roof. The customer called us to check it out and do the ridge vent repair. There was no serious structural damage. We replaced the surrounding shingles that were torn off and installed a new ridgeline vent. It was a quick and clean roof repair job for us. The homeowner was lucky in this case. He caught the damage before it rained and caused him even more headaches. The owner is now dealing with the plumber. As above so below, takes on another meaning. It’s good to be aware of what is happening in all aspects of your home, you don’t want to be the winner of a surprise ridge vent repair

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