Making the perfect home with everything correct is a tedious job. The most important part of your dream home is the roof. Choosing the correct material for roofing can be quite a tricky job at times.

Using composite roof shingles is the latest trend in the world of roofing. People now days prefer them over traditional roofing materials because they prove to be the best choice as material for roofing in most of the cases. Composite roof shingles are quite similar to other conventional and traditional shingle materials.

You also have a lot of options regarding their looks. Just like other traditionally used roofing materials they come in a wide variety of colors and styles. The only difference lies in the fact that in comparison to asphalt shingle roof materials and other traditional shake, composite roof shingles are very durable. They also have a longer life as compared to other traditionally used roof shingle materials. It is because of its dual quality and ability of not only being durable and lasting much longer but at the same time also being stylish with amazing looks that composite roof shingles are the most popular and preferred choice for roofing materials for all the people worldwide. Many companies are manufacturing composite shingles that has a special additive that makes it resistant to mould growth and algae. This feature of shingles can be especially handy if you are living in a place that has a humid climate or experience a lot of rainfalls.

Another reason for the huge demand and popularity of composite roof shingles is due to their high durability. They last much longer than conventionally used materials. This can be proved by the fact that, composite shingles have generally a warranty term of about 30 to 50 years. Whereas on the other hand the traditional shingles have a life span of anything between 15 to a maximum of twenty years. In fact some manufacturers have such trust on their composite shingles that they even claim a lifelong warranty. This is quite an impressive statement given that roof shingles are exposed to such rough treatment on your roof top. So you can well imagine the quality of products yourself.

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