Protect your roof from the dangers of cleaning and you can prevent cedar roof repairs. Extreme caution must be taken not only because of the slippery conditions but the cleaning itself (if done improperly) can damage the shakes.    Maintenance for a cedar roof is all about keeping it dry. That may sound strange but it is important for the shakes to dry out as quickly as possible after a rain. Pine needles, leaves and other debris that builds up on the roof can trap moisture and hold it there. It’s important to have good air circulation above the roof line, so keep overhanging tree branches trimmed sufficiently high.    Please understand the dangers involved with doing the pressure washing by yourself. One false step on some wet moss and you could end up in the gutter before you know it, or worse. Injuries are a very real threat.    Cedar is a soft wood and when it’s wet, it’s even softer. If the nozzle of the pressure washer is too close to the shakes, the high-pressured water can cause the shingles to shred, come loose or crack.

Our roofing company would like to take the worry out of maintaining the distinctive look and lasting quality of the investment over your head. Call us for professional pressure washing and prevent future cedar roof repairs

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