Several things need to be considered when looking for the best silicon caulking for roof repair.  Certain kinds of caulk have been designed for outdoor use and it is the only logical choice since it must hold up to extremes temperature changes.  Sealants are only as good as their ability to keep out moisture and their adhesion and durability make the project worthwhile.

Silicon is the most familiar of all types of caulking and usually it is clear in appearance.  It has a rubbery texture when it’s dry and is effective on a wide variety of surfaces especially non-porous areas such as metal and plastic.  It stays flexible when it is dry and rarely breaks even in rapid temperature changes or the harsh extremes of summer heat or winter’s icy cold.

The ease of the application process depends on the persistence and expertise of the user.  Hopefully, neither the product nor patience run out before the job is complete.  Caulking guns range in price from $2.00 to over $23.00 depending on the lightweight or heavy duty application process to be used.  Be aware that some silicon can be challenging to apply and have an offensive odor.  Clean up can involve a special solvent and the project can be quite messy if the caulk gets on too many unwanted surfaces.

Some Virginia (VA) roofers prefer a high performance polyurethane-based sealant.  It makes a waterproof seal and is a great choice for a strong, long lasting bond.  It can be used to seal around ducts and vents, performing well at extreme temperature ranges.

Selecting a high performance product that does the roof repair job right and lasts for a long time makes all the difference in the world when taking on any repair project.  Check out the various products available at your local hardware store and ask our advice on the best silicon caulking for roof repair in your area.

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