This Woodbridge Roof Repair Explains How Improper Roof Installation Cause Hidden Roof Leaks

Are you in need of a Woodbridge roof repair or roof replacement? Here at we have over 42 years experience to get the job done right the first time, every time! All roof repairs and roof replacements are completed on the same day.

Many homeowners don’t realize when they hire a roofing company in Woodbridge to repair or replace there roof it doesn’t mean everything came out well just because it looks good and never leaked. There can be many unforeseen problems due to improper installation in roof valleys, flashings and many more areas that sometimes won’t show any signs of leakage until several years later. Unforeseen roof leaks are the worst types that will cause structural damage and mold which can cost in the thousands to repair.

All the roofers here at were personally trained by the owner on how to properly do a roof inspection and determine what type of roof repair needs to be done to permanently stop all roof leaks in Woodbridge Virginia. When doing a roof repair inspection 95% of the time the leak is originating from a source higher up on the roof before it enters the home. Because of this we check all areas above the problem area to assure this roof leak never happens again.

There has never been a roof leak we couldn’t stop and we’re not about to let you be the first!


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