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The state of Virginia can attribute its diverse climate to the fact that it contains a section of the Blue Ridge Mountain chain and features Chesapeake Bay to the east. The weather patterns make it tough on home owners trying to keep their homes dry and energy efficient. Rain, snow, hail and UV rays affect the overall integrity of a roof and interfere with its defense system. Knowing what is fighting against your roof will help you better know how to maintain it.
The first thing you should know is the importance of having your roof inspected on a regular basis for possible roof repair. For Free Roof Inspection call us at 703-303-8546 or Click here to fill out the form.Even a tiny hole through a shingle allows volumes of rainwater to seep under the waterproof membrane. Think about how much rain we get in a season in Virginia. All this water is supposed to run down the roof and be carried away by the gutters, but when it is diverted by a punctured shingle it runs into your attic instead. Homes in this state are not designed to hold water. There is no way for it to escape once it gets inside the house, so it hangs around doing a great deal of damage.

The first thing we will do when we inspect your roof is check the shingles for any type of cracks, damage or wear. Before you have a total roof replacement, we suggest a smaller roof repair to replace sections of failing shingles. If there are areas where the flashing has pulled away from the roof or corroded we can repair it with additional sealing compound or by installing new sections. If your roof has just begun to leak, it does not take much to do the roof repairs needed to make it watertight.

If your roof has been leaking for some time, you will know it by the wet spot that shows up somewhere on the ceilings, walls and even the floor. Water has traveled an extensive path to reach the interior of your house and leaves a wake of destruction behind it – mold, mildew, corrosion, rust and rot. We will need to take a good look at the interior of your house for water damage, starting with the roof. If the insulation is saturated it will not be able to help regulate the overall temperature of the house and you will notice your energy bills getting higher. We are a professional roof replacement and roof repair Virginia Company you can trust! We have never had a customer complaint with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) or DPOR!


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