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Vienna Roof Inspections Are Critical

Vienna, Virginia is a historic and multicultural city in Fairfax County with a population just over 15,000. The median age of houses in Vienna is 38 years, plus the city receives an above average amount of rain and snow each year, meaning many Vienna homes now require major roof repair and maintenance projects.

Roof Recommendations

The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) also recommends Vienna homeowners have at least one roof inspection per year, plus one after each major storm event (like the Snowmaggedon of 2010). Because many professional roofing contractors offer free inspections, there is no reason why you should hold off on having your Vienna roof inspected today.

Image of our Homeowner Association in Virginia that can keep roofing and siding problems in check to avoid complaints and fines.

We can stop the hassle from the HOA Homeowner Association in Vienna due to roof leaks, rotted wood fascia’s , missing vinyl siding or shingles and much more.

There are multiple reasons why you should only trust a properly licensed and insured roofing professional to perform all of your roof repair, inspection and maintenance needs on your Vienna home, rather than doing it yourself or calling a generic handyman service:
• A professional roofer knows how to walk on and fix your roof without causing new damage
• A professional roofing contractor will abide by any existing product warranties
• They will clean up the work site completely
• They will understand and comply with any applicable Home Owner Association (HOA) roof covenants
• They will understand local weather and climate conditions, so they will only use proper roofing materials that are appropriate for Northern Virginia.

Roof Inspections are Critical

Another reason why an annual roof inspection is critical for your Vienna house is some water leaks are subtle or cannot be detected by the naked eye. A properly trained roofer will know how to spot signs and symptoms of water leaks and roof problems. For example, black spots on attic rafters are a sign of moisture or water damage that can go unnoticed by the untrained eye. Your roofer can also use an infrared device to spot water damage that has not yet stained your ceilings or penetrated your sheet rock or drywall.

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Our Vienna roof inspection are performed by qualified roofers that can locate and repair the hardest to find roof leaks that sometimes originate from windows and siding.

Your roofer will inspect and maintain every component of your roof system including your roof vents. A common Vienna roof problem is incorrectly installed under eave venting (soffit vents), which can prevent proper air circulation in your attic. Ventilation and air circulation are critical because when warm air becomes trapped in your attic in winter, it can lead to ice dams that block water runoff. Instead of flowing away from your home via gutters and downspouts, the dammed water begins to enter the interior of your home, causing a lot of expensive damage as it does. The water can destroy drywall, sheetrock and insulation plus lead to dangerous electrical shorts.

Climate is a Factor

Although the climate in Vienna can generally be said to be mild, this area still experiences major storms like nor’easters in winter and thunderstorms with microbursts in summer. These unusually powerful storms can wreak havoc on your roof, ripping off shingles and flashings, tossing tree branches and debris onto the roof deck, smashing downspouts and driving rain into your home through your ridge vents. Anytime your home suffers one of these unusual weather events, contact your professional roofer for an immediate inspection before any minor damage escalates into a major roof emergency.

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We pride ourselves with same day emergency roof repair in Vienna. Unfortunately 1000's of calls can come in per day from severe damaging storms which can result in delay of service. Rest assure we always do our best in all weather conditions!

Remember that even mild weather exerts wear and tear on your Vienna roof. Sunshine, for example, batters your roof daily with ultraviolet and infrared radiation, which degrades your shingles, sheathing, rubber seals around roof pipes, and caulking. As waterproofing materials around skylights, chimneys, dormers and other roof structures dry out, they begin to crack and fail. For these reasons, if you are a Vienna homeowner, you should invest in regular roof repair, inspection and maintenance on an annual basis to prevent water damage and extend the longevity of your roof system.


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