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Tysons Corners, VA is in the heart of Northern Virginia and features a booming business section and one of the largest shopping malls in the state. It is a growing community where construction of new homes has flourished in the past two decades. Home owners in the city are aware of the need to give extra attention to maintenance and roof repair to protect them against the variety of weather patterns in this part of the state.

The first sign that you might have a roof leak is wet patches on the ceiling or a puddle on the floor after a rainstorm. A few drops of water coming from the ceiling may not seem that serious to you, but think about the path the water took to get from the top of your house to the room where it is raining on the inside. A lot of water has to accumulate before it actually shows up inside the house, and in the process it does a lot of damage before you see the evidence of a problem.

A leaky roof can be very frustrating for a home owner if you are not familiar with what causes them. A leak can start in many different ways. During a windstorm your shingles can be blown off the roof or lifted up and cracked. Sharp objects such as broken tree branches can land on the roof and puncture the shingles. Hailstones are notorious for causing severe damage. Any one of these effects can allow water to begin seeping through to the attic every time it rains. There is also the deterioration that happens naturally when the adhesives and sealants break down with age to consider.

A roofing company in Tysons Corners knows the best way to keep your house dry is through prevention. We are available for emergency calls any time of the day or night, but we recommend you have your roof inspected regularly to take care of roof repairs before they get worse. Over time water can cause enough harm to put you in the position where you need total roof replacement to solve the problem.

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