Spring is in the air! We’ve turned the clocks forward and it’s a balmy 66 degrees outside. Time to do a bit of roof inspecting to see what kind of damage this winter may have caused. Here are some of the basic things to look for:

Roof Damage Caused by Storms

When a storm hits, the roof is most susceptible to costly damage. Fallen tree branches, flying debris, hail and wind are common causes of roofing damage. …

Even something as simple as a missing shingle needs to be dealt with. Seemingly miniscule damage can lead to a small roof leak, which can be disastrous if not fixed quickly. Peak Roofing Systems writes:

“While minor roof leaks may seem like a small problem that can be put off until later, these leaks can lead to serious damage. Not only can shingle damage … leave your roof susceptible to water decay, it may even allow water into the structure of the building. In the long run, moisture from a slow leak can lead to serious mold and mildew problems. The earlier you have shingles repaired or replaced, the better chances you have of preventing these serious structural damages and health hazards.”

Some roofing tasks are small enough that you should be able to do them on your own. But if the job requires more than replacing a few shingles, you will need to call in a good roofing contractor from Manassas. This article should help you know what tasks you can manage, and when you should ask for help:

How to Repair a Leaking Roof

A leaking roof can occur at any time. Damage from storms, hail, falling tree limbs and the wear and tear of time can cause leaks in a roof –. Causing the need for a roofing project. Small leaks can easily be repaired by a handy homeowner with a little bit of know how. …

Take advantage of this warm day and inspect your roof. The sooner you solve any problems, the better.

Image Credit: http://www.advancedroofingandexteriors.com/roofing-materials/asphalt-shingles/repair-my-shingle-roof-in-charlotte-nc

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