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Located in Loudoun County, Virginia, South Riding is a planned community with a population of about 25,000 individuals living in 6,300 homes managed by South Riding Proprietary, an HOA (Home Owners Association). Because all South Riding residents are required by this HOA to engage in regular roof repair and maintenance to conform to community covenants, as a South Riding homeowner you should hire a professional roofing contractor to inspect your roof at least once per year.

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Work With an Experienced Roofer

By working with an experienced roofer based out of Loudoun County or Northern Virginia, you will ensure any repairs or changes made to your roof are compliant with South Riding rules. If you opt to hire a general handyman service or a roofing company based out of another region instead, the work performed on your roof might violate community regulations and need to be redone, a costly mistake. Avoid this problem entirely by working with a locally based roofing company that is also properly licensed and insured.
Your South Riding roofing contractor will already know about the following community rules pertaining to your roof system:
• Partial re-roofing is generally disallowed
• Shingles have to match other adjacent homes in your neighborhood
• Gutters must be intact and painted to match the color of the house trim
• Metal chimney flues must be painted flat black or a matte color that matches your roof
• Attic ventilators cannot rise more than 12 inches above your roof deck
• All downspouts must be intact and have splash blocks

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Annual gutter cleaning can prevent serious roof leaks to your South Riding home. If you don’s see a stain on the ceiling it doesn’t mean it’s not leaking inside the wall.

Importance of Regular Roof Inspections

Because the South Riding HOA frowns on partial re-roofing, your best option to save money on roof repair and maintenance is to have regular roof inspections to catch small problems before they evolve into costlier problems that require full roof replacement. Also, industry analysts have discovered that regular preventive maintenance can extend the life of your roof from 30% to 50%, so a consistent roof inspection and maintenance program is the best method to postpone roof replacement. Remember also that many roofing professionals offer free inspections, so there is no financial risk in having your roof inspected once a year.
Your roofing contractor will perform the following annual maintenance tasks, among others, to ensure your South Riding roof lasts longer and remains watertight:
• Clean out gutters and downspouts to ensure water is whisked away from the roof during rainstorms
• Re-caulk around skylights and dormer windows to block water
• Inspect and replace any worn rubber “boots” around pipes
• Replace any damaged metal flashings, particularly along roof edges where driving rain can easily enter
• Hunt for and correct any corrosion, for example by replacing rusted nails

Notice the Signs

If you notice any of the following signs of water damage in between annual inspections, however, contact your roofer for an immediate assessment to prevent further damage: black spots on your rafters, mysterious ceiling stains, water stains next to your chimney, missing shingles, ponding water, buckling or warping of your roof deck, “cupping” shingles with turned up corners, rusting flashings or metal components, or growth of excessive moss or algae. All of these conditions are warning signs of roof problems and water leaks.

Another reason to engage in regular roof repair and maintenance on your South Riding property is it can help you save money by preserving the energy efficiency of your home. Your roofer will ensure your roof sheathing is in good condition and your roof has adequate insulation to prevent heat loss in winter. Your contractor will also check the ventilation in your roof system to ensure it is performing as designed. These practices will ensure your home remains energy efficient over time.


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