Image of a Solar Attic Fan Installation Repair in Virginia

Solar Attic Fan Installation Repair Lowers Cooling Bills

Your attic may not mean more to you than a place to store all those old photographs and family mementos that have been passed down through the generations. As a functional part of your home, the attic plays a major role in protecting the roof overhead and the rooms in the house below. The attic needs to be very well ventilated and if it is not every other part of the house suffers the consequences. If you have enough vents in the attic but the air circulation is still low, you may need more than just one solar attic fan installation repair.
Think about how hot it gets in your part of Northern Virginia (VA) in the summer. It’s time to think about having a solar attic fan installation repair to lower hot temperatures in your attic. . The sun pounding down on the roof drives the temperature inside the attic up to unbelievable heights. For example when the thermometer in the attic registers 160 degrees Fahrenheit, consider the efforts the air conditioning system has to put out to cool the rooms below. A well-ventilated attic stays cools and helps the rest of the house stay cool. Hot air in the house rises to the attic and is drawn away with the help of a solar attic fan installation repair
In the winter it is just as important to have good air flow through the attic. Snow sitting on the roof should not melt and it will do just that if the roof is warmed up by the heat from the attic. At night when the sun goes down and the temperature drops below freezing melt water turns to ice and damages the shingles. Icicles along the edge of the roof may look beautiful, but they are a sign that ice dams are forming and water is backing up under the shingles behind them. Adequate ventilation in the attic keeps it cool enough to prevent the snow from melting.
A solar attic fan installation repair in VA will make a difference to the longevity of your roof and house in all seasons. They pull out excess heat and excess humidity. Too much moisture in the attic leads to mildew, rot, corrosion and black mold. Damp insulation has a lower R-value. We are happy to inspect your roof and attic for signs of poor circulation. Before this affects the rest of the house and increases your energy costs, we will give you the best solutions for protecting your home.
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