Shingle roofs can be susceptible to storm damage. Once this spring snow lets up you really ought to inspect your roof for any damage done. Even a single storm can cause problems:

Shingle Damage Caused by Storms: What You Need to Know

It is no secret that storms wreak havoc on roofs. From dented or missing shingles to full-blown holes in your roof, severe weather can compromise the function and structure of your roof. At times like these, you will likely need the assistance of a professional roofing company to repair shingle damage caused by storms …

We’ve been faced with some higher-than-average winds this winter. If you roof escaped snow damage it might still have suffered some wind damage, which can be hard to see with a cursory look:

The important thing to realize is that even a seemingly small problem could lead to significantly larger ones if not dealt with by a roofing professional in Alexandria immediately. So it’s better to inspect early on:

Post Winter Inspection of Your Shingle Roofing

Now that winter’s coming to an end, it’s a good time to perform an inspection of your roof. As the snow and ice have disappear, any damage or other roof issues are easier to identify and repair. …

Wondering if you need repairs or an entire roofing replacement? This article should help you know when replacement is necessary:

Do You Know When to Replace Your Roof?

When is it time to replace the shingle roof on your Miami-area home? This is a question many homeowners ask. A roof is an essential house component, and a home that doesn’t feature a solid roof is prone to extensive water damage among other problems. …

Your roof is an investment. Care for it properly and it will last you for years to come.

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