If you want to ensure that the comfort your home offers is not interrupted, you need to pay special attention to your roof. You may be tempted to assume all is well because you don’t see it as often as you see your lawn. However, the fact that roof issues can easily go unnoticed is why you need to prioritize roof inspections. You wouldn’t want to be in a leaking home during a sudden storm, would you?

You will likely give more importance to anything in your life when you understand the implications of the failure to do it. Here are the reasons why a roof inspection is critical to your home’s welfare:

Here are some reasons that highlight the importance of a roofing inspection:

Harsh Weather Conditions

Regardless of where you live, the weather can be unpredictable. From heavy snowfall to harsh winter storms, your house needs to be ready to tolerate heavy rain, large hail, and high winds. Not to mention, as soon as the temperature rises, the punishing summer sun can weaken shingles, causing structural damage to the roof. Before purchasing a house, ensure you have thoroughly inspected the condition of the roof.

Maintenance Costs

If your roof is not properly protected, repair people performing maintenance on air conditions and other systems around the house can cause damage. Read more at Shamrock Homes…

Regularly inspecting your roof will give you the peace of mind that whatever happens, you are well protected. You will also not have to worry about the sudden need for an entire roof replacement project. You will always be aware of the state of your roof, and major projects will be anticipated and properly planned for.

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As the homeowner, there are some aspects of roof inspection that you can do yourself. There are also others for which you will require professional assistance. Here’s what you can do from the ground:

Here are some key areas to evaluate when making a visual roof inspection. You’ll want to check the main roof components involving shingles, flashing and gutters.

Check the Roof Shingles:

Check the condition of your roof’s shingles. Damaged shingles that are loose, curled, blistered, broken or even missing need to be repaired quickly. Carefully lift a shingle and make sure you see roofing underlayment between the shingles and the roof decking. If this critical underlayment is missing the roof has been installed improperly and needs replacement. Without underlayment, water damage will continue to occur in your home and to the roof shingles.

Shingles that curl up or down do it as a result of being improper installed, due to environmental conditions or age. Read more at The Spruce…

There are obvious signs of danger that you can pick up from checking the roof with a pair of binoculars without even leaving the ground. These will help you determine the next course of action.

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To ensure your roof is fool-proof, you also need to have an expert check your roof on a regular basis. It is always important to know what the professionals will do when they come in to check your roof. Here is an explanation of what they should do:

What Should Be Inspected?

Keep in mind, you should always hire a professional to inspect and maintain your roof. It’s extremely dangerous to work on your roof without the proper training. It may also be a good idea to confirm the professional has the proper insurance coverage for themselves, too.

Once you find a professional to perform these inspections, make sure they do these tasks suggested by BobVila.com:

  • Check the flashings. Flashings are the metal pieces that cover curves and edges of your roof, and water can easily leak in and around them if they are damaged.

Look in the gutters. If your roof is composed of asphalt shingles, a professional should look in the gutters for pieces or grains of the shingles. This can be a sign that your shingles may need to be replaced. Read more at The Allstate Blog…

The list is in no way exhaustive, since there are other areas that will need to be inspected as well. In fact, an experienced roofing contractor will also check your attic to ensure everything is in good condition. An attic in bad condition presents more threats to your roof’s condition than you think.

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