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Although Sterling is located within the mid-Atlantic climate zone which has warm, moist summers and dry, mild winters, this part of Northern Virginia experiences a wide variety of weather conditions that can be particularly harsh on our houses. For example, the highest recorded temperature for Sterling is 84 degrees, whereas the historic low for the city is -15 degrees.

The city has also endured everything from hurricanes and tornadoes in summer to ice storms, heavy snowfalls, and raging winds in winter, making annual roof repair and maintenance critical for protecting our homes.

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We specialize in Ice Dam Leak Repair in Sterling to Prevent Serious Interior Damage

What many homeowners don’t realize is the moment a new roof is installed, it starts to degrade from the effects of local climate conditions. For example, even on cloudy days, ultraviolet and infrared radiation from the sun assaults your roof, drying out waterproof coatings and rubber seals, causing flashing to detach, and making shingles peel, crack and crumble. The only way to halt this progressive roof damage is to invest in continuous preventive maintenance on an annual basis.

Special Weather Effects

In addition to normal wear and tear, the storms that often occur in Sterling can produce severe roof damage. For example, hail can cause everything from pitting and discoloration of roof tiles to holes, dents, and leaks. High winds tend to rip and tear shingles and tiles off of roof edges, plus flying debris like tree branches can puncture your roof, skylights, or dormer windows.

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Same Day Blown Off Shingle Repair to prevent costly interior damage

Summer thunderstorms, which are common to this area, can be violent, resulting in driving, pelting rain that can penetrate a house in various ways including via improperly installed ridge vents or through chimneys. Heavy, wet snow and ice in winter adds extra weight to your roof, which can cause metal pieces including nails to pop off, creating more gaps through which water, humidity and moisture can invade your home.

Because your roof is an essential structure that protects your entire living space, consistent preventive maintenance is critical. Experts advise an annual inspection performed by a licensed and insured professional roofing contractor to detect small roof problems early before they become massive, expensive roof problems. Your roofing inspector will examine your entire roof system, hunting for problems like leaky ridge vents that fail to block blown in water, aging flashings, leaf clogged gutters, drainage pipes and downspouts pulling away from your house, loose or missing shingles, excessive ponding of water on chimneys, clogged vent pipes that trap odors and wetness, and degraded sealants around skylights, among other issues.

Your inspection report will recommend both normal maintenance practices plus suggested roof repairs.

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Sterling Roof Inspection Will Determine If Roof Repair or Roof Replacement is Needed


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