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Roofing repairs are a normal part of the life of a roof. Even though, as a homeowner, you would prefer for your roof to retain its integrity throughout the years, normal wear and tear along with inevitable roof leaks are likely to occur. The key is to catch the problems early enough that they can be corrected with a simple repair rather than an entire roof replacement.

There are many reasons that your roof may deteriorate, but some areas of the roof are more likely to experience leaking than others. The three areas that are most likely to be prone to moisture are vent pipes, chimneys, and skylights, and this is especially true when they are not installed properly or when they are found on an older roof. Correcting the problems experienced in these areas is simple if they are caught early, but if not they can lead to both interior and exterior damage to your home along with costly repair bills.

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Vent Pipe Leak

First, vent pipes are the source of many roof repairs. Cracked or rusty pipe collars around the base of the pipe will allow for water to pool around it. After the pooling, the water can seep into your home’s interior walls and can cause extensive damage.

These vent pipe leaks can be caused by old roof sealants and cements or due to deteriorated flashing, and professional roofers can help you to determine the exact problem and help to correct these problems.


Photo of roof replacement in Round Hill VA

Chimney Flashing Leak

Secondly, chimneys with flashing problems, cracked cement caps, or aging caulk can also result in leaks. To determine if the chimney is resulting in leaks at your home, do a thorough chimney inspection of the walls and base. Look for signs of wear and tear, cracks, or gaps. To correct these issues, your roofing may need to undergo flashing, caulking, or cementing to fill in these gaps. A professional roofer can also help you properly install flashing to ensure that your home is properly protected against snow, rain, and other extreme weather conditions.


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Roofer working on Skylight Leak Repair

Finally, leaky skylights can also provide numerous roofing problems that will require repairs. Improper installation is often the cause of the problem so, in order to avoid additional damages, a roofing contractor should be called in to take care of the repairs. Other common situations that can result in the leaking of skylights include poor flashing seals, fasteners that have been installed incorrectly, glass fissures, and failing sealant because of thermal expansion.

If you are in need of roof repairs or siding repairs due to one of these common roof leak problems, the area of Round Hill has roofing professionals that can assist you.


Round Hill Housing Market

Round Hill is a small town located in Loudoun County, VA, and as of 2010 the town had a population of 539. Round Hill is located about 50 miles northwest of the nation’s capital at the crossroads of Routes 719 and 7. The average listing price for a residential property in Round Hill, as of May 2013, was $556,407, while the median sales price in the same year was $499,000.  While no public schools are found within the limits or Round Hill, school aged children are served by the Loudoun County school district and attend classes in nearby Purcellville.

Compared to the rest of the county, Round hill is less family centered, as only 40.65% of the town’s households contain married individuals with children. This is compared to the county average of 50.8%. Additionally, due to the small size of this town, commercial space is limited, although opportunities are available in the rest of Loudoun County and in nearby Washington, D.C.

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