As a homeowner, there are certain things you need to be aware of so that you enjoy a long roof life service. Roof replacement is one of the options to keep in mind. This is particularly so if your roof is really old or has experienced significant damage that hampers its functionality.

While it is a costly venture, it is important that you make your decisions properly. If the condition of your roof is below standard and has been making your life less comfortable, this is for you. The advice from the following post should guide you on how to decide between roof repair and replacement:

6 Factors to Decide Whether Your Roof Needs Repair or Replacement?

In a time of economic uncertainty, replacement of an entire roof is not always a good option, regardless of the number of leaks. But still, water intrusion must be stopped to protect the interior of the building. Roof repair is an alternate option to stop the water intrusion on a limited budget.  If your roof shows signs of wear and tear, then you should consider the points below to decide whether to replace or repair the roof.

Age of the Roof: If the roof of your building is fairly new, you should keep the gutters free from debris and seal the leaks around flashings to prevent insects from infesting soffits. Read more at Royal Roofing Ltd…

The post above gives you a framework that can help you make the best decision about whether to go for roof repair or replacement. This will ensure that you do what is most beneficial for you, bearing in mind your specific conditions.

In the event that you need to go ahead and make plans for a roof replacement, you need to ensure that you do it within the right conditions. This will guarantee that the process is worthwhile and will yield the best returns for you. The following infographic explains some of the contingencies you may want to put into perspective:

Based on the above, you must understand that if any of these factors is missing (for instance, good timing), your project will not be successful. You therefore need to have your roof replaced at the right time and with all these factors in consideration.

There are several advantages of having your roof replaced – apart from ending your roof problems. Having your roof replaced can actually add value to your property. The following post describes this in detail:

Replacing roof may be remodeling project that yields the most in resale value

The first “Remodeling Impact Report” from the National Association of Realtors and the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) surveyed agents and remodelers to determine the resale value and owner satisfaction of various remodeling projects.

The report shows which projects had the greatest cost recovery and calculated a “Joy Score” based on owners’ happiness with the results of their project. The project that rated high both in cost recovery and a high Joy Score was a new roof, which has a 105 percent recovery of the average $7,600 cost and a Joy Score of 9.6. Read more at Washington Post….

The post above gives you yet another reason to consider roof replacement – it adds to your asset value. This will yield you more returns in the future should you need or choose to sell your home.

If you are looking for experienced roofing contractors who can accurately advice you on whether to go for a roof replacement or a roof repair, call us today. We offer roof repair and replacement services in Middleburg, and all areas of Loudoun County Virginia.

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