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If you are looking for a Hamilton roof repair professional you can call us at (703) 303-8546 or via our free estimate form. The best way to find a leak is to have us give you a free roof inspection. We will give you the best solution for roof repairs. Don’t wait until you see a lot of moisture in your ceiling. As water travels through your attic, it does a lot of damage before you even see the evidence that your roof is leaking. We can do small roof repairs on your house long before you need roof replacement.

 Hard to Find Roof Leaks is Easy for us

Hamilton, VA got its name when in 1835, John Quincy Adams granted approval for a post office in the local store and the town’s name was recorded as it is known today. It is one of Northern Virginia’s historical gems and the local residents take pride in the town and in their homes. The inclement weather that arises is frequently the reason roofing contractors are called out for emergency roof repairs.

If you notice a ceiling with water stains, chances are high that you have a leaky roof or a condensation problem. Before you tear apart the room to replace the ceiling, call our Hamilton roofers to check your roof. Typically a stain caused by condensation will be on the ceiling close to an exterior wall. You may see several rings of stains where it has dried out and then become damp again. The center is usually white. You will see these damp stains even when it has not been raining.

A stain caused by a roof leak can show up anywhere in the ceiling; near an exterior wall, around a fixture or vent, near a skylight or on an area all by itself. These stains can also have concentric rings that get progressively lighter toward the outer ring. It’s an old leak if there are several rings. Before you replace the ceiling, you will need roof repairs to stop the leak.

It would be nice if all roof leaks were directly above the spot on the ceiling where the stain shows up. This is not always the case. Water can travel many pathways through the seams and joints in the roof before it finds a place to drip through into the attic. The source of the leak could be just about anywhere on the roof and could be cause by several different issues.

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