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A Variety of Roof Types in Aldie for Roof Repair

Aldie is a charming community in Loudoun County, Virginia where some original homes date as far back as 1775; many homes in the historic district were built in the 1800s. Because there are so many vintage homes in Aldie, a variety of roof types can be found there, including metal, tin, wood shake, slate, and asphalt shingle roofs. Regardless of materials used or a home’s age, however, Aldie homeowners should invest in proper roof repair and maintenance to ensure their homes remain beautiful, watertight and energy efficient for decades to come.

Roof Layering

Roof Layover in Aldie

Here are just a few of many downsides to a roof layover, Roof Shingles prematurely crack, shingles blow off, roof flashing leaks. Some plywood can’t handle the weight of a second roof so the wood caves in between the rafters.

Interestingly, a number of historic Aldie homes have two layers of roofing on them; this occurs when homeowners try to avoid roof removal costs, and is technically acceptable. According to Consumer Reports magazine, however, roof layering should be avoided for several reasons. First, certain modern types of shingles are actually too heavy for older buildings and can exert too much weight on the rafters, which is dangerous. Next, a layered roof can mask underlying roof problems like rot or insect damage. Finally, the practice of layering can reduce a roof’s service life by 20 percent or more. Under no circumstances should a third layer of roofing ever be applied. If your Aldie home possesses a layered roof, consider an annual inspection by a professional roofing contractor to ensure it is not in danger of failure, and do not attempt to walk on the roof to look at it yourself, which can cause even greater damage.

Preventative Roof Care

Roof maintenance in Aldie Virginia that can add years to your roof

Our Aldie roof maintenance plan includes inspecting and repairing all shingles and flashing to prevent roof leaks.

Even if your Aldie roof is modern and new, a yearly inspection is a good idea from a financial standpoint. The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) estimates that 35% of roofs do not reach their full life expectancy because of neglect and the effects of weather. In contrast, a regular preventive maintenance regimen can double a roof’s service life. Because replacement roof systems–especially on historic buildings–can cost $10,000 or more, preventive maintenance makes sense due to its far lower cost.

If you observe any of the following exterior symptoms in between your annual inspections, however, contact your roofer immediately, because you might be in immediate need of roof repair:

•    Metal roofs (tin, steel, copper, etc.): Rust, corrosion, punctures, cracks, gaps
•    Wood shakes: Buckling, bending, warping, breakage, cracking
•    Slate roofs: Cracking, breakage, missing tiles
•    Asphalt shingles: Granules in your gutters, buckling and peeling, missing shingles

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We are one of the best professional Aldie roofing contractors in Virginia that you can depend on to stop all roof leaks the first time.

Likewise if you spot any of these signs of water damage inside your Aldie home, contact your roofing contractor immediately for a professional assessment:

•    Yellow or brown stains, particularly on ceilings
•    Sagging drywall
•    Crumbling plaster (particularly in historic homes)
•    Wet insulation
•    Peeling paint or wall coverings
•    Black spots (which might be mold or mildew)
•    Damp carpeting, especially near walls

The good news is a regular roof maintenance and inspection regimen should prevent leaks from happening in the first place. Some roofing industry analysts estimate regular maintenance and inspection practices can reduce the occurrence of leaks by up to 70 percent.

One of the reasons why you only want to work with a properly licensed, certified and insured roofing professional to inspect your roof once per year is historic homes have special features like weight limits, steep angles and mixed materials that should be taken into consideration when inspecting and maintaining the roof. A general handyman most likely will not know about these unique features and could inadvertently damage your roof. In contrast, a locally based roofer with proper credentials will be well versed in roof repair and maintenance practices for vintage houses like your beloved Aldie home.


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