It is common for homeowners to overlook regular roof inspections because usually the need for it is not so obvious. It’s when you notice a problem that you run to get the roof contractor. However, this shouldn’t be the case, since it might be too late or it could end up costing you a lot of money to get the roof back in working condition.

While you may think that getting a regular roof inspection will cost you unnecessarily, you are terribly wrong. A proper understanding of the importance of regular roof inspections could actually save you lots of bucks. The following post explains the importance of having your roof checked every so often:


We all know the importance of “preventive medicine” – those dreaded annual checkups and biannual dentist visits – but many of us don’t take any action until there’s a problem. It’s a gamble: Sometimes we win, saving time and money while escaping negative consequences. Other times, though, what would have been a small problem takes advantage of that time to develop into a big problem, costing much more in both time and money than if it had been nipped in the proverbial bud.

In other words, when those gambles fail, they fail big. Unfortunately, far too many building owners and facility managers take the same approach to getting a roof inspection. Why is that a bad idea? Read more at PHP Systems Design…


It is during the regular roof inspection that a stitch in time saves nine, as the post above describes. You will also be assured that your roof is doing its job at any given time.

You may be wondering what usually happens during a roof inspection that makes it so important for your roof and home. The following post gives you some information on what to expect during an inspection:

What Contractors Look For During Roofing Inspections

Roofing inspections give roofers a chance to get a good look at all parts of the roof to determine general condition, and detect any problems or potential problems. By getting an up-close view of the roofing material it is possible to grade it and determine whether it is wearing properly, or if it should be replaced. It is also possible to closely inspect those areas that are most prone to leaking, and look for other types of damage that could be present.

Inspections of the exterior roofing material and the attic space allow roofers to assess current roof condition, its remaining lifespan and even predict potential problems that can be avoided with the right roofing repair. Regular roof inspection, done once or twice a year prior to the storm seasons, may also be required to maintain a home’s roofing warranty. Read more at College Station Roofers…

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As the post above describes, not only does the roof inspection check for existing problems, it also predicts other problems that could arise given the current circumstances.

There are some things that you should look out for when it comes to your roof’s condition. The following post explains them in detail:

Before you reach the roof in need of repair phase, however, there are a few things that you should be looking out for on the regular.


If your roof is older than a decade or two, some minor damages might begin to occur. These minor damages, if left unattended, can transform into large problems that can not only cost thousands of dollars to fix, but can also put you and your family in harms way. Weather conditions greatly affect the makeup of the roof’s structure, so if you live in an area where harsh weather conditions are present, you should inspect your roof much more often. Especially for shingled roofs, you should check the shingles, at the very least, once a year. Read more at First Homecare…

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Checking out for the things mentioned in the post above will keep your home out of trouble. You will also know when to call in the experts even if the scheduled time for roof inspection has not yet arrived.

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