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Reston Homes Are In Need of Roof Repairs

Established in 1964, Reston, Virginia is one of the first and most famous planned communities in America. Fifty years after its founding, Reston is still a popular and coveted place to live in Northern Virginia. Because so many of the area’s homes are older (particularly in the Lake Anne Plaza and Hickory Cluster subdivisions), more and more Reston homeowners are finding it is time to replace or upgrade their roof systems. Whether you own a vintage or a new Reston home, it’s a good idea to invest in roof repair and maintenance on an annual basis to ensure your roof system lasts as long as intended and remains watertight.

Reston Roof Problems

Most homes in Reston possess either asphalt shingle roofs with an anticipated service life of 20 years or cedar shingle roofs with an anticipated service life of 30 to 40 years. According to Coldwell Banker, the median age of houses in Reston is 21, meaning a large number of Reston homes are in need roof replacement now. In addition to roof age, another common Reston roof problem is the close proximity of tall, mature trees, the branches of which often rub against and damage roofs, chimneys, gutters and downspouts, especially during wind, rain, storms, snow and ice.

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Need emergency roof repair in Reston today? Call now for same day service for leaks caused from missing or loose shingles, ridge vents, vinyl siding and much more.

The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) recommends homeowners schedule at least one roof inspection by a professional roofing contractor each year to check for damaged, missing or worn out roof components. Your roofer can also perform preventive maintenance tasks during or after your inspection to prolong the service life of your roof.

Emergency Roof Repair

Sometimes you need immediate roof repair, not just roof maintenance. If you have an asphalt shingle roof on your Reston home and you spot problems like torn or missing shingles, popped nails, granules in your gutters, blistering, or damaged flashings, call your roofing professional for an assessment today before you start to experience water leaks. If you have a cedar shake roof and spot any of the following problems, contact your roofer for immediate assistance: severe curling, cracking and breaking, missing shakes, rot, insect infestation, moss (which can cause cedar shingles to retain water, which in turn adds weight plus promotes rot), mold or mildew. It is important to arrest these roof problems now before your home suffers any water damage. Another reason to talk to a roofer today is some water penetration is not visible to the naked eye, so your roofer can use an infrared device to inspect for hidden damage.

Examine Your Entire Roof System

When you work with a properly licensed and insured roofing professional, he or she will examine and inspect your entire roof system on both the interior and exterior of your home. In addition to looking for the exterior roof problems discussed above, your roofer will also examine your attic ventilation systems, insulation, and rafters to ensure these roof components are in good repair. The attic inspection will also allow your roofer to check for any signs of mold or insects. Any issues found during your annual inspection will be fixed promptly before they worsen and cause more expensive problems to occur.

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Always cut tree limbs away from the roof to prevent damage to your shingles

Your roofing contractor can also advise you about any trees in your yard and whether or not these trees are causing any harm to your roof. Trees can dislodge shingles, dent gutters and downspouts, knock off chimney caps, ruin flashings and fill gutters and downspouts with leaves and twigs.

On a final note, regular roof repair and maintenance will help you preserve the beauty and property value of your Reston home, maintain the energy efficiency of your house and help you defer a full roof replacement for as long as possible, saving you money in the long run.


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