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Prince William County Roof Maintenance

In an average year Prince William County, Virginia receives about 37 inches of rain and 17 inches of snow, a large amount of precipitation. The climate in this area is categorized as “humid subtropical,” and summers are moist with frequent afternoon thunderstorms. In recent years, these summer storms have included microbursts, which are intense, windy downdrafts that cause tremendous damage.

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Roof Maintenance in Prince William County can lower the high cost of emergency repairs and roof replacements

These damp and stormy climate conditions mean Prince William County homeowners should be concerned about roof repair and maintenance on an annual basis to prevent leaks and water damage.

Asphalt Shingle Roof Systems

As in many Washington, DC suburbs, most homes in Prince William County possess standard asphalt shingle roof systems. Asphalt roofs are designed to last about 20 years. If left unmaintained and neglected, however, an asphalt shingle roof will not last as long as designed and will need full replacement in as few as 10 years. Because a full roof replacement is so expensive, investing in annual preventive maintenance for your Prince William County roof is a smart financial move.

Weather Affects Your Roof

Our climate damages and erodes roof systems in several ways. Pelting, driving rain like the kind we experience during typical Prince William County thunderstorms can crack shingles and roof tiles, plus wear off the protective granular surface of your shingles, making them vulnerable to water penetration. Hail and torrential downpours can also tear or puncture your shingles, particularly around the edges, allowing too much moisture in; this in turn can foster rotting of the wood roof deck below.

Photo of damaged shingles when Roof Replacement is needed in Prince William County

A few things that can cause cracks in shingles with the granules coming off is due to poor ventilation, climate or a manufacturers defect. When the shingles becomes this bad it time for a new roof replacement.

Strong gale force winds and microbursts can rip off your shingles or the roof flashings, which are the sheet metal pieces that protect your roof edges, joints and structures like skylights and pipes. Storms can also harm your roof because of flying debris like tree branches. Although your roof can survive one or several bad storms without any problems, over time the damage from multiple storms accrues, making regular roof inspection and maintenance a necessity to avoid a full roof replacement.

Believe it or not, even normal sunny weather can wear down a roof. Because asphalt shingles are manufactured using petroleum-based materials, the infrared and ultraviolet rays of the sun gradually break down the oils, reducing the ability of the roof sheathing to repel water. This in turn leads to warping, buckling and cracking shingles and roof tiles. As this example demonstrates, regular roof repair and maintenance is still required even if your roof is never subjected to harsh storms.

Image of roof flashing leak in Prince William County Virginia due to improper installation

Roof flashing leaks along walls, skylights and all vents are caused mostly from improper placement of nails. Nails should never be exposed in the flashing. When it rains the water seeps underneath the shingles and will cause the roof to leak through the sides of the nails. Call for additional information.

Roof Maintenance

During or after an annual roof inspection, your roofing contractor can perform a variety of simple maintenance tasks for your Prince William County home as well, including but not limited to:

•    Removing debris and clearing out gutters, downspouts and scuppers
•    Replacing missing or worn flashings
•    Checking for and patching any crumbling chimney mortar
•    Reattaching loose metalwork
•    Ensuring satellite dishes, antennae and other items are installed and supported properly
•    Replacing rubber seals and gaskets around dormer windows and pipes

Regularly maintaining the roof of your Prince William County home has additional benefits. A properly maintained roof is energy efficient and ensures your home can always be heated or cooled to a comfortable, steady temperature, which saves money on your power bills. Proper ventilation and air circulation also prevents problems like ice dams in winter and the formation of algae, mildew, lichen or moss on your roof.

As a reminder, be sure to hire a professional contractor instead of a general handyman to perform all of your roof repair and maintenance for your Prince William County home to ensure the work is performed in a manner that preserves your roof warranty as well as the structural integrity of your roof.

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