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Potomac Falls is a region consisting of the communities of Cascades, Countryside and Lowes Island. It is a spectacular area in Northern Virginia to live, as long as you don’t mind the effort it takes to protect your home from the harsh effects of the weather. A common issue that happens here is roof leaks. If you discover rain dripping through your ceiling the next time it rains, don’t panic. As a roofing contractor we are accustomed to dealing with the effects of the local weather on a house, and most of the time leaks can be solved quickly without the need for a roof replacement.  If you are looking for a Potomac Falls roof repair company give us a call at (703) 303-8546 or use our free estimate online form located here.

Prevention is your first line of defense when keeping the rain out of your house. A good roof maintenance plan assures you that issues can be handled before they become overwhelming and this means having it inspected at least once a year. If there is a bad storm with high winds or hail, call us to check out your shingles just in case any have been damaged or torn off.

Chances are high that we can do small roof repairs that keep your cost to a minimum if you are being conscientious about it. You can attempt to fix leak yourself but for the inexperienced home owner it may be tricky to locate the source and take care of the damage that occurred from the time it entered the attic to the exit point through your ceiling. Just because you see water coming from the light fixture in your bathroom does not mean the leak started above that room. Water can travel a long distance before it finds a gap that allows it to drip through. It may not even be a roof leak – it could be a problem with your attic ventilation that is causing excess humidity.

We are happy to show up any time of the day or night in Potomac Falls to provide relief from water pouring through the ceiling onto your carpet and furniture. Long before that happens have us check your roof and your attic for potential trouble spots that can lead to a water damage disaster. Immediate attention with roof repairs will save you money and extend the life of your roof.

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