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If you’re really looking to keep roofing problems from happening in the first place, you’ve got to know what condition your roof is in. We recommend that you have your roof inspected at least twice a year before severe weather conditions have a chance to take their toll.  To have a professional roof inspection by one of our roofers, give a call today at (703) 303-8546 or fill out our contact form.  Check out our roofing contractor’s reviews and see for yourself why has the best experts in Piedmont for roof repair and roof replacement in the Northern Virginia area.

We specialize in roof replacements in Piedmont

We specialize in roof replacements in Piedmont

Roof Replacement

When performing an entire roof replacement, a large amount of emphasis is placed on the quality, type, and placement of the shingles.  However, a major problem area that is often the culprit when roof leaks develop is the flashing.  The term, “flashing,” refers to thin metal sheets that are installed around the chimney, around vent pipes, and anywhere a slant on the roof runs up against a vertical surface.  Misplaced or slopping flashing will give way to leaks, which in turn will create further damage.  Make sure that when the flashing is installed that it is done right to avoid the constant repairs it will necessitate.

Properly installed flashing can keep the water out of your house

Properly installed flashing can keep the water out of your house


Step flashing is used where slopes run up against a wall.  A piece of metal is bent so that it can fit snugly in the corner created by the two colliding surfaces, making a better seal.  If the step flashing is misplaced or improperly sized, it can allow water to seep through.  Flashing should be in line with the top of the shingle course and extend down to the top of the shingle tab.  In standard shingles, each piece of flashing usually needs to seven inches in length.  It is important to line up the top of each piece of flashing with the top of the shingle.  If the flashing is placed too high, it has the potential to lift the bottom edge of the next course, causing a gap that will allow in water.  When placed correctly, the flashing should cover up a portion of the adhesive strip and be secured using only one nail at the in the top corner.

Flashing around the chimney is difficult and provides great potential for leaks.  As such, it is usually best to leave this job to professionals, even if you are shouldering the rest of the roof replacement by yourself.  In order to properly install flashing around a chimney, it is necessary to insert counter flashing into the mortar and bend the flashing on a sheet metal brake.  Bending the metal in this manner creates a sharp, straight, L-shaped bend that will sit cleanly in the mortar between brick courses.  If you find flashing that has been bent without using a brake, check the rest of the roof for errors, as this signifies either a lack of knowledge or a lack of attention to detail on the part of the roofer.

Piedmont Housing Market

Ther is a vast amount of chices in the Piedmont Housing Market

Regular roof inspections increase the market value of homes in Piedmont

Piedmont, Virginia is a gem that often goes overlooked when buyers are looking to purchase a home.  The name Piedmont itself is used to describe several communities in the Haymarket/Gainesville area, so at times it can be confusing.  Piedmont is a gated golf community, Piedmont South is an un-gated portion of that same community, Villages of Piedmont is a master-planned community specializing in luxury town homes and houses, and Piedmont Riding Club is a high-end neighborhood in Haymarket.  Each of these communities is planned, safe, friendly, and has excellent properties to choose from.

The first Piedmont described above is home to more than 1,600 people, and offers both attractive townhouses and palatial family residences.  The surroundings are spectacular, and the prices are reasonable, considering the location and amenities.  The Piedmont Club is a nationally renowned private golf club that also functions as a gathering place for residents, members, and their guests.  The course consists of 18-holes, and also features a beautiful driving range.  Besides the course, living in Piedmont also offers access to an indoor swimming pool, three outdoor pools, tennis courts, playgrounds, a fitness center, and walking and cycling trials.  Piedmont is small, but offers great benefits both for residents and their friends and family.

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