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Roofing issues can happen at any time of the day or night. If you need a roof repair Mt. Vernon expert call us! We can be reached at (703) 303-8546 or on our contact us form. We will come out to your home or business and perform an inspection to see if you need a simple repair or something more serious like a roof replacement. Check out what our customers are saying about our Mt. Vernon roofers in our review section.

When roof leaks happen to your Mt. Vernon home or business, you can bet it’s going to do more than just ruin your day. When water is allowed to enter inside of your structure, within 24 hours, black mold, fungus and wood rot can take place. That’s why it’s so important to prevent roof leaks before they have chance to start. With plenty of roof maintenance, a twice a year roof inspection and the occasional roof repair, you can be sure to keep roof leaks at bay. Not only will roof leaks be a thing of the past, you can also help extend the lifespan of your roof before the inevitable roof replacement project has to take place.

Mt. Vernon Roofing Contractor Inspections

You can bet that your Mt. Vernon, Virginia home or business is more than just an investment; it’s a major part of your life. That’s why protecting an investment this big starts with a twice a year roofing inspection to prevent more serious roofing problems before they have chance to start. While it’s certainly not a good idea to climb up on your own roof and perform an inspection, identifying the following roofing problems can be safely done from the ground.

If you notice any of the following roofing problems with your asphalt shingled roof; don’t wait before problems have chance to spiral out of control and cost you a fortune. Give a call today at (703) 303-8546 or fill out our free estimates page and we’ll send our team of qualified roofers to provide you with a no obligation roofing inspection and a free estimate complete with a detailed description of any roofing problems we may find. Check out our roofing contractor’s reviews and see for yourself why is the best in roofing inspections, roof repair and roof replacement throughout the entire Northern Virginia area.

Common Shingle Problems

There are many reasons why a roof may leak, but these more common symptoms can be easily spotted from the ground or attic space. Be sure to check for the following roofing problems once during the fall and once during the spring, long before the hot summer sun and cold winter snow can have a chance to wreak havoc on any preexisting roofing problems.

Staining – This very common roofing problem can be a sign that a roof leak is going to happen. Areas where sealants decay like tar, butyl and rubber will often create a dark discoloration on your shingles, leaving a telltale line that leads right to the trouble. Look for signs of cracked rubber, split sealants or peeling membranes around all roofing penetrations to prevent a costly roof leak that leads to even more expensive roof repair. Areas where metal flashings are used can exhibit signs of rust. Aluminum flashings will produce a white powder that proves the material is well past its prime and needs to be replaced.

Curling – Another serious concern that shingles can exhibit are curled edges. When this form of roof disrepair occurs, more likely than not, you’ll need a complete roof replacement right away before roof leaks have a chance to happen. In some cases, curled shingles can be caused by poor attic ventilation. If you suspect your attic ventilation might not be doing its job; don’t wait for problems to get worse. Give a call today at (703)303-8546 and we’ll provide you with a no obligation attic ventilation assessment and onsite estimate today.

Tree Debris – In some cases, tree liter and leaf debris can cause roof leaks if they are allowed to accumulate in valleys and behind chimneys. Tree branches that rub on an asphalt shingle roof will eventually create a roof leak after blowing back and forth in strong winds and storms. Be sure to remove all tree litter from your roof at least twice a year and make sure that all tree branches are trimmed back from the roof a minimum of six feet.

Ventilation / Plumbing Stacks – These areas of the roof are susceptible to damages more than a shingle because the sealants that protect the roof penetration from water intrusion tend to decay long before the asphalt shingles them. Check around all ventilation and plumbing stacks for cracks, splits or peeling sealants that surround each roofing penetration to prevent future roof leaks on your Mt. Vernon, VA roof.

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