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While the inevitable roof replacement needs to happen to an asphalt shingle about every fifteen years, that lifespan can be significantly shortened when extreme weather conditions prevail in the area. By performing the right maintenance, having a roofing inspection done twice a year and completing the occasional roof repair before they get bigger, you can be sure to extend the lifespan of your asphalt shingle roof and avoid roofing problems all together. Use these tips and techniques for preventive maintenance and your Montclair roof will last for years to come without expensive future roofing problems.

Montclair Roofing Contractor Maintenance

It’s critical that you know exactly what is going on with your roof at all times. That’s why inspecting your roof at least twice a year before strong summer storms and wet winter weather has a chance to take its toll on hidden roofing damages is important before they can be made much worse by these seasons. Inspect your roof once in the fall and once in the winter to ensure that roofing problems are kept at bay before more serious and expensive ones can occur. If you spot any of the following roofing problems on your Montclair, Virginia home or business, be sure to call today at (703) 303-8546 or complete our contact form and we’ll send our experienced and quality roofers to provide you with a no obligation roofing inspection and a free estimate complete with a detailed description of any roofing problems we may find. Check out our roofing contractor’s reviews and see for yourself why is the best in roofing inspections, roof repair and roof replacement throughout the entire Northern Virginia area.

Roof Maintenance

There are some maintenance issues that can cause serious roof leaks if left alone undone. When tree liter and leaf debris are left to accumulate in roofing valleys, behind skylights and against walls, you can bet that before long, mold and mildew will form in your roofing materials, causing asphalt building materials to instantly rot and decay. In some extreme cases, leaf debris can cause water to back up into the shingles, causing a roof leak every time it rains. Tree branches can make a roof leak as well when branches are allowed to rub against delicate shingle surfaces. Be sure all tree branches are cut back at least six feet from the roof and all leaf litter is removed twice a year to prevent costly future roof repair problems.

Roof Repairs

Occasionally, problems do occur, but if the first two steps are performed as directed, you’ll be able to catch smaller roofing problems before they have a chance to become much worse. If you see any of the following roofing problems; don’t wait until a roof leak happens. Call a team of licensed and insured roofers right away.

Shingle Damages – Broken, missing or cracked shingles are an obvious sign that a roof repair needs to happen before a roof leak occurs. But when shingles are cupped or curled, it may mean that shingles are well past their prime and need to be replaced. It can also be a signal that attic ventilation isn’t doing the trick and an attic ventilation assessment is in order. If you’re unsure as to whether or not your attic ventilation isn’t doing the trick, give a call at (703)303-8546 for a no obligation attic ventilation assessment today.

Sealant Damages – When tar, butyl and rubber sealants meet the elements, they decay. And the more sunlight, rain and snow they receive, the sooner they break down. They often exhibit cracks, splits or peeling pieces before a total breakdown happens and a roof leak takes place. Always be sure to check sealants around all roofing penetrations, in valleys, around skylights, behind chimneys and around the perimeter of your fascia for signs of odd discolorations and heavy staining.

Metal Flashing – Areas like roof valleys, against walls and behind chimneys are all places where metal flashing is used to prevent water from entering the structure. When these metal roofing materials decay, they leave telltale signs of rust and dark discolorations that are unmistakable. When metal flashings leave a rust stain on your Montclair, VA roof, you can be sure that a roof leak is on its way. Call a crew of licensed and insured roofers to repair this roofing problem as soon as possible before more serious roof leaks have a chance to take place.

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