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If you are having roofing issues or just need an inspection give us a call at (703) 303-8546 or use our free estimate contact form. We have a team of Middleburg roof repair experts that are available for any size repair including emergency roof repair service.

With a simple twice a year roof inspection, the right maintenance and the occasional preventative roof repair, you can keep emergency repairs from occurring. While a tornado and other severe weather conditions certainly can’t be prevented, if your roof has preexisting roofing problems, you can bet when heavy storms roll into the Middleburg area, your roof is going to leak. Use these basic methods for preventing emergency repairs and you will not only prevent roof leaks before they start, but you’ll also ensure that your roofs lifespan will increase, putting off the inevitable roof replacement for as long as possible.

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It’s very important to inspect your roof at least twice a year to make certain that no problems lie in wait before strong summer storms or wet winter weather has a chance to make existing roofing problems worse. It’s definitely not a good idea to climb a ladder and inspect your roof up close. If you spot any of the following roofing problems from the safety of the ground, you can be sure that you need to call a team of licensed and insured Middleburg roofers right away before problems have chance to get worse. Call today at (703) 303-8546 or fill out the form and we’ll send our professional crew of roofers to provide you with a no obligation roofing inspection and a free estimate, complete with a detailed description of any roofing problems we find. Check out our roofing contractor’s reviews and see for yourself why is the best inspection, roof repair and replacement company throughout the entire Northern Virginia area.

Curling Shingles – Curling or cupping shingles can often mean that your shingles are getting too old to last much longer before a roof replacement is required. But sometimes curling shingles can be caused by deeper problems that lie under the roof. The attic spaces of your roof can harbor heat and moisture if not properly ventilated. The hot air can seep through roofing materials, prematurely aging them and causing curled and brittle edges. Prevent emergency repairs by having your roofers provide you with an attic ventilationassessment.

Corroding Flashing – If you spot any rust or other dark discolorations in your roofs valleys, around the chimney or next to any walls, you can bet that your metal flashing is corroding. By making sure that your metal flashings are in their best shape, you can be sure that emergency roof repairs will be kept at bay.

Decaying Sealants – Areas where materials like ventilation or plumbing pipes extend through the roof, sealants are used to protect the structure from water penetration. Often these sealants decay long before shingles do and need constant checkups to ensure that they are still in working order. Look for signs of cracks, odd discolorations or peeling membranes when checking for signs of sealant decay around your roofing penetrations.

Damaged Soffit, Fascia, Drip Edge – Whether it’s from a tree branch rubbing against the edge of the house or just old age, soffit, fascia and drip edge can all be easily damaged. This area of the home is often overlooked during a roof inspection, so be sure your roofers look for any signs of loose, damaged or missing pieces of these very important roofing materials.

Improper Attic Ventilation – When you have improper attic ventilation, it can cause excessive heat and moisture to prematurely damage shingles and structural members of your roof. When excessive heat isn’t properly ventilated out of roofing vents, it can cause dry rot, curled shingles and even mold or mildew. If black mold is allowed to occur, indoor air quality is at risk of becoming a serious health concern. Prevent your Middleburg, Virginia home or business from these emergency roofing disasters by calling at (703) 303-8546 and we’ll provide you with a complete, no obligation attic ventilation assessment today.

Heavy Granule Loss – When inspecting your roof, be sure to keep an eye out for heavy granule loss. When large piles of shingle granules are discovered in roofing valleys and around the drip line of the roof, you can bet that serious roofing problems are going to occur soon and a complete roof replacement is going to be needed. Once dark spots form from heavy granule loss, it’s only a matter of time before an emergency roof repair is necessary.

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