Metal roofing is a popular roofing choice that offers a beautiful and striking design element to your home’s exterior. Although metal roofing costs more than the more popular shingled roof, its durability and low-maintenance are great trade-offs that even the most economy-conscious homeowner will appreciate.

Additionally, metal roofs come in a variety of designs thanks to their versatility, so they can complement almost any architectural style. If you are in doubt about the visual appeal of metal roofs, check out this metal roof that was recently featured in HGTV’s popular Fixer Upper program.

Metal Roof Featured on Magnolia House B&B

The hosts of HGTV’s popular Fixer Upper program, Chip and Joanna Gaines routinely offer advice and help to homeowners looking for the perfect home.    A recent project was truly unique as Chip and Joanna were their own clients.  They renovated a property and will be opening it as the Magnolia House Bed & Breakfast in Spring 2016.  We’re pleased to see that a new metal roof was part of the renovation.

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Even so, it’s important to understand that although metal roofs offer a lot of advantages, they also have their limits. Jenna Harris shares some of the metal roofing myths you may not be aware of:

Metal Roofing Facts and Myths

Since metal roofing is permanent and requires less maintenance, a quality metal roof can add to the resell value of your home. (Photo courtesy of American Metal Roofs)

Metal roofs are becoming more and more of a conversation piece. What comes along with this? Many myths, but also facts.

Here are some common metal roof myths — and the facts to dispel them.
Myth: Metal roofs will prevent ice dams

False. The root cause of ice dams is improper attic ventilation and inadequate attic insulation. If your attic space doesn’t have enough insulation and ventilation, ice dams can still form on a metal roof. Read full post here…

You also need to be aware of any local regulations that may not allow you to install a metal roof in your home. Although you’ll probably get all the information you need when getting your roofing permit, you may still want to find out as much as you can just to be sure to avoid a situation like the one a Wichita homeowner is currently facing:

Concern over metal roof in Wichita historic district

WICHITA, Kan. – A Wichita homeowner will get to keep her metal roof, at least for now.

Cynthia Maxwell lives near 13th and Broadway, which is in a historic district. She received a roofing permit for her metal roof project and says she was never given a list of approved materials.

She says she had no contact with the Historic Preservation Board until after someone complained. Read full article here…

When it comes to your roofing options, it’s important to remember that every type of roofing material available brings with it a set of pros and cons that you’ll have to live with. You just need to understand the advantages and disadvantages and weigh them against each other based on your preferences and needs.

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