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To get a professional roof repair in Lorton VA for an inspection or estimate, get in contact with us by phone at (703) 303-8546 or by email using our contact form here. We will promptly send out one of our roof repair Lorton experts that are licensed and insured in the state of Virginia. You can also read the reviews left by our customers in our review section and see for yourself what our customers are saying about our roofing and siding repairs.

Often, when we talk about a roof getting damaged, tree branches are blamed as the number one cause or roof leaks.  If not trees, then a storm or animals are often brought up.  While all of these are true, we usually don’t think that we are to blame in any way, but the fact of the matter is that we are.  This can occur through many ways, but two problems that we choose are first, the satellite dish being haphazardly installed, and second, taking a cheaper option when it comes to roof valleys.  Either situation will inevitably have problems, and taking the time up front, along with being willing to purchase higher quality material will pay off in the long run.

Anytime a nail is driven into a roof, there is the potential for a leak.  Shingles are affixed using nails, but they are designed in such a way that the nails seldom, if ever are exposed to rain and snow.  Great care is taken that this happens.  However, when the homeowner decides to upgrade their television service, the satellite dish installation crew is given free reign for walking, drilling, and nailing, and often this is done without regard to the roof’s integrity.  The best option is to have a knowledgeable roofer present, either to do the installation himself or to point out where and how to install the upgrade.

Valleys are a major problem area on roofs, which are where two slants come together.  Every valley on a roof should be reinforced with flashing, as these valleys will see a heavier amount of water than the rest of the roof.  As of recent years, a new practice has begun among roofers to use a less expensive waterproof membrane in order to be able to do a roof replacement at a lower cost.  These membranes usually have a guarantee of five years, which doesn’t make a lot of sense when considering that the shingles may be rated for up to fifty years.  Ask the roofer to use flashing if they mention waterproof membranes, and put the extra dollar in now rather than later.

Lorton Housing Market

Lorton, Virginia, has shown a fairly stable real estate market over the last year or two, making it a great place to buy for those who have been burned in the last few years.  Over the last year, the average value per square foot of homes sold has increased by a respectable 4.3 percent.  The average price of homes sold has increased by 11.5 percent.  The number of sold homes has decreased 7.9 percent, which is within the definition of a “normal” fluctuation over the course of a year.  The Lorton real estate market doesn’t seem to be booming at the moment, but homes are consistently gaining value and larger homes are selling more than they have been.  This is all positive growth, and even more is expected.

Lorton is located on the northern bank of the Occoquan River, which a short distance away merges with the Potomac.  The merge, combined with the close location of the Chesapeake Bay make it very convenient for boating.  As well, due to the fact that significant amounts of land on the tip of a nearby peninsula called Mason Neck, there is a thriving population of bald eagles.  Lorton is unique in that it contains one of only two stops along the Amtrak Auto Train, which transports passengers and their cars swiftly down to Sanford, Florida, roughly 30 minutes from Orlando.  Lorton is the perfect balance of cutting edge technology, both through retail development and transportation, and exposure to the beauty and wonders of the surrounding natural wildlife.

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