Video of Leesburg Roof Repair that was Needed Caused from a Starter Course Roof Leak

We received a call from a homeowner requesting a free estimate for a Leesburg roof repair. We inspected the entire roof above the problem area to see if water was traveling from a section higher up on the roof. After completing our roof inspection we found there were no damaged shingles, holes or exposed nails in the shingles, everything was okay. We then checked the starter course. A starter course is the bottom layer of shingles that is located underneath the first course of shingles that overlaps into the gutter. A starter course must always be staggered so that the seams (keys) don’t align with the keys from the shingles above. In this case the keys were in direct alignment that allowed water to seep underneath the shingles which caused the roof to leak and damage all the plywood, soffit, fascia and shingles.

To correct this problem, first we need to remove all the damaged shingles, plywood, soffit and fascia boards. Once that’s done we can then replace all the damaged wood and roof shingles with ice and water shield adhered to the roof deck underneath the new shingles. We then re-shingle the problem area making sure that keys are staggered correctly along the gutter. When the roof repair is completed the rain water will flow freely into the gutter and this homeowner in Leesburg will not have to worry about another roof repair for many years to come..

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