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Lansdowne, Virginia is a planned resort-style community located in Northern Virginia—specifically in Loudoun County—that was initially developed in the 1990s, meaning many Lansdowne properties are now approximately 20 years old, or older. Twenty years also happens to be a long lifespan for most roofing systems in this area. Therefore if you are a Lansdowne homeowner, you are probably concerned about the current condition of your roof and how to make it last longer. The best way to find out is to hire a professional roofing contractor to assess your roof system and determine if you need any roof repairs or preventive maintenance help.

HOA Rules

There are three major homeowner associations (HOAs) in Lansdowne: Lansdowne on the Potomac, Village Greens, and Leisure World. These HOAs are managed by an umbrella entity called the “Lansdowne Conservancy” and have strict rules for roof maintenance, appearance and upkeep for most of the houses in Lansdowne.

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Lansdowne Roof Leak Repair is More Effective When Seen Through Infrared Leak Detection

Fifty nine percent of Lansdowne homes are single family detached units and about 40% are single family attached units, meaning most of the homes located in Lansdowne have expansive roof systems high off the ground that are difficult for the average homeowner to reach safely. For this and the other reasons cited above, it is recommended that each Lansdowne household schedule at least one roof inspection per year to ensure everything is in good repair.

A professional roofing contractor can inspect a roof more effectively than the average homeowner can because roofers use special tools like infrared spectrum devices to detect roof damage that is otherwise difficult to spot with the naked eye.

It is important to only hire a properly licensed, qualified and insured roofing contractor who is familiar with the design guidelines for Lansdowne when you need roof inspection, roof repair or roof maintenance. This will ensure your roofer has the requisite knowledge, skills and abilities to make sound repairs while also abiding by your HOA guidelines.

For example, if you want to modify or replace your roof entirely, you will need to follow the formal design rules of your particular HOA and undergo a preliminary architectural review. When you hire a professional roofer to help you, he or she will have the technical know-how to properly prepare architectural drawings, design documents, the review application and related materials for your HOA. This will ensure your plans are compliant with local rules, your design review is fast and your roof modification or replacement is finished quickly.

Roof Compliance

Here are some roofing considerations Lansdowne homeowners should be aware of and discuss with their contractors to ensure full HOA compliance:

•    Home height limits govern how tall roof gables can be
•    Roofing material used cannot be reflective or too light in color
•    Exterior colors, including the colors of roofing materials, must conform to the community color palette
•    Pitch or slope of the roof must conform to design guidelines
•    Sunrooms and patios also have strict roof rules in terms of color, slope, materials, etc.

Roof Inspection

In addition to ensuring compliance with Lansdowne HOA covenants, an annual roof repair inspection will allow your contractor to detect small leaks and excessive wear and tear before these manageable issues escalate into major problems that allow water into your home and cost multiple thousands of dollars to fix.

Image of a free roof repair inspection in Lansdowne Virginia that locates all types of roof leaks

Free roof repair Inspection in Lansdowne Virginia for damaged ridge vents, roof pipes, skylight leaks, missing shingles and much more.

During your annual inspection your contractor can also replace worn parts like shingles, pipe collars, ridge vents, deteriorated metal flashings, the felt or underlayment beneath your roof covering, caulking, and more, plus clear out your gutters and downspouts to prevent clogs and flooding. In addition to preventing roof emergencies, these maintenance practices will help your roof last longer.




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