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A roof leak is certainly going to ruin your day, but when winter roof leaks have a chance to occur, problems can become compounded much further than just a water stain on your ceiling. When water has a chance to turn to ice, melt and then refreeze as it enters your structure, it expands and contracts, stressing roofing materials far past their breaking point. When serious damages like this happen, you can bet it’s going to be a costly and time consuming endeavor that may involve an entire roof replacement project. By using these three basic steps, you can ensure that your Lake Ridge home or businesses asphalt shingle roof is going to be roof repair free during the winter months—and for many more years to come.

Lake Ridge Roofing Inspections

Step One: Inspection

It’s easy to see why this step is the first and most crucial phase for preventing wintertime roof leaks. A roofing inspection can allow you to identify roofing problems before they have a chance to become roof leaks—or something worse. A simple roof leak can easily turn into costly black mold or mildew problems within 24 hours after water has entered the structure.

Inspecting your own roof is easy when using a pair of binoculars to safely view each of the following areas of your Lake Ridge, Virginia roof. Never climb on your own roof without the correct training safety equipment and be sure to perform your roof inspection in fall before wet winter weather begins. Give a call today at (703)303-8546 or fill out the form in the left corner of your screen and we’ll send our crew of professional Lake Ridge roofers to provide you with a no obligation inspection and free estimate of any roofing problems we find. Check out our contractor’s consumer reviews and see for yourself why is the best roof repair and replacement company in the Lake Ridge, VA and the entire Northern Virginia area.

Damaged Shingles – Spotting these obvious signs of roofing troubles are easy to pinpoint and are inexpensive to repair. Curled, cupped, missing or broken shingles need to be repaired immediately before shingle problems have chance to become much more expensive.

Ventilation/Plumbing Stacks – These sections of your roof should be checked for damages around the entire stack as damages can occur on the vent covers themselves or on the sealant that surrounds the boot. Look for signs of cracking, peeling or splitting and repair damages right away.

Flashings – Metal flashing is used to protect your roof from water intrusion in valleys, around chimneys and against walls. Look for signs of rust or other strange discolorations as these can be positive signals that you’ll need to call in a crew of professional roofers right away to make repairs.

Soffit / Fascia – Don’t forget to inspect the edge and overhang, as this part of your roof is essential to preventing winter roof leaks. Loose, missing, damaged or broken pieces of soffit, fascia and drip edge can be a serious roof leak waiting to happen when snow and ice begins to collect on your roof.

Attic Ventilation – One of the most overlooked areas when inspecting a roof is the attic crawlspace. This area is very important to preventing roof leaks because improper attic ventilation can cause ice dams and accelerate shingle deterioration. Be sure your roofers inspect your attic ventilation is adequate to prevent costly damages from wet winter weather storms.

Step Two: Roofing Maintenance

Simple maintenance techniques can prevent your Lake Ridge, Va home or business from leaking due to wet winter conditions. Before winter starts, be sure to remove any tree litter or other debris from the roof. It’s also a good idea to keep any trees trimmed back from the roof at least six feet to prevent premature roof replacement. Avoid using any caustic chemicals or pressure washing to prevent damages to your asphalt shingles.

Step Three: Roof Repair

Before roofing problems have a chance to become worse, it’s important to repair them as soon as possible. A simple and inexpensive roof repair can prevent wintertime roof leaks before they have chance to cause a much more costly roof replacement, black mold problems or even structural damages. Be sure to inspect your roof twice a year to prevent future roof leaks by giving a call today at (703)303-8546 for all your Inspection, roofing repair and replacement needs.

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