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At the outskirts of the city of Manassas, Virginia is a little gem called Lake Manassas. This 770-acre reservoir was originally created in the 1960’s to provide drinking water for the area residents, but since then it has developed into a valuable asset for the community, with nature trails, well-stocked fishing ponds and golf courses. The homes here are considered among the finest in quality and architectural style. Maintaining a home of this caliber is a top priority – an investment such as this should be protected from the basement to the roof!

It may come as a surprise to you, but problems with your roof can literally destroy the rest of your home if not given the proper care. Water is a silent but deadly force when it gets into places that are meant to stay dry. When you have a roof leak, rainwater and melting snow seep quietly into unseen areas of the attic and behind the walls. It can make its way all the way to the basement without you ever knowing. As you go about your business of living, dampness, mold and mildew are tearing away at the building materials in your home causing tremendous damage.

How does this happen? Many things can go wrong with your roof for many reasons. Faulty installation is one of them. Improperly placed roofing nails happens more than it should, because it weakens the integrity of the shingles. It can get windy is this part of Virginia, and it doesn’t take much to crack or break a few shingles when they have been attached too high on the tabs.

The most common cause for roof troubles is the weather. We jokingly blame the weather for a lot of things, but this is no laughing matter. The whole purpose of your roof is to protect the rest of the house from the elements, so naturally is the primary intervention for effects of rain, snow, sleet and sunlight. While you are enjoying a warm, sunny day, your roof is on active duty battling UV rays.

There are no roofing materials that can withstand nature for an indeterminate period of time, but there is a lot you can do to help. Taking proactive steps to repair your roof when minor issues come up will save you the thousands of dollars it would cost to replace your roof, or repair water damage to your home. It starts by inspecting your roof for leaks. If you don’t know what to look for, a professional roof inspection is the solution. It does not cost anything to have a roof repair contractor check it for you. They can even detect a potential issue that can be diverted before a leak develops. Your home in Lake Manassas is worth giving it the best care available.

Lake Manassas Roof Repair Video Explains How to Stop a Chimney Roof Pipe Leak


We received a call from a Lake Manassas homeowner for a roof repair inspection that was performed by a local roofing company. The repairs that were performed never stop the leak around the chimney or roof pipe. After inspecting the entire roof we found that the roof pipe flanges like the one above were all installed incorrectly. As you can see the roof pipe flashing is on the outside of the roof on the sides. This will cause leakage directly below and it will also cause the chimney to leak as well.

The chimney flashing was also installed incorrectly with the roof shingles fastened and cemented to the sides of the chimney counter flashing. This is also an active leak. To correct these problems so this Lake Manassas homeowner will not need roof repair again in these problem areas we need to.

Replace Roof Pipe Flashing

  • Remove the shingles and the roof pipe flashing so ice and water shield can be adhered to the wood surface around the roof pipe.
  • Make sure when the roof flashing is nailed into position you must always have the nail heads hold the sides of the flashing to the wood deck.
  • Never fasten the nails through the flashing, this will cause leakage.
  • Apply Geocel Tripolymer sealant around the roof pipe flashing
  • Adhere new pre-cut shingles around the entire perimeter of the roof pipe flashing so the shingles become fully adhered to the flashing
  • Seal the vent pipe collar with Geocel Tripolymer sealant. This will prevent leakage between the rubber collar and the PVC pipe from heavy rains.

Repair and Replace Chimney Flashing

  • Remove the old shingles and the flashing completely around the entire chimney
  • Adhere ice and water shield to the wood deck around the entire chimney
  • Install new step flashing to sides of chimney
  • Cut into mortar of chimney so new counter flashing can be installed within.
  • Seal mortar and counter flashing joints with concrete cement
  • Re-shingle around entire perimeter of chimney with matching color shingles.

Now that this Lake Manassas roof repair is completed to the roof pipe and chimney flashing this homeowner will not have to worry about another roof leak for many years to come.

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