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Lower Roof Repair Cost in Gainesville with Preventive Maintenance

The median age of homes in Gainesville, Virginia is 9 years old, according to national real estate firm Coldwell Banker, and a typical roof lasts 20 to 50 years. This means if you are a Gainesville homeowner, you might need a full roof replacement in as few as 10 years. How can you extend the life of your roof and delay a full roof replacement by a decade or more? The answer is simple: engage in regular preventive maintenance. According to the National Roofing Contractors Association, continuous preventive maintenance can add 30% or more service life to a roof, making it a practical cost saving measure for Gainesville homeowners.

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Loose ridge vents must always be inspected and maintained to prevent roof leaks and further damage. All the fasteners are loose and rusted. To correct the problem the ridge vent must be removed so that Geocel Tripolymer sealant can be applied to the shingles and refastened into the rafters. Then seal the fasteners to prevent rust.

An annual roof inspection executed by a licensed, insured and certified roofing professional is the cornerstone of an effective preventive maintenance program. Although Gainesville homeowners are busy with lengthy commutes, work and family, scheduling an annual roof inspection can pay dividends by diagnosing and halting emergent problems before they become multiple thousand dollar catastrophes.

Preventative Maintenance

During the annual roof inspection your contractor can execute various preventive maintenance tasks such as but not limited to:
• Install gutter filters to avoid clogged gutters
• Replace rusted and corroded chimney caps
• Patch spots in which shingles or tiles have cracked, warped, broken, or are missing
• Replace rusted clamping rings and fasteners on downspouts and gutters
• Remove accumulated debris like leaves, twigs and branches

Why is preventive maintenance so important for the longevity of your roof and avoidance of roof replacement? Your roof undergoes routine wear and tear on a daily basis because of weatherization. For example, the ultraviolet rays of the sun break down roofing materials, especially oil based materials like asphalt shingles. The sun also dries out weatherproofing, which can start to crack and allow moisture to seep through to your roof deck. On the opposite end of the seasonal spectrum, the freezing temperatures Gainesville experiences in winter can cause rubber roofing materials to degrade. In general, heat causes roof components to expand, cold causes roof components to contract, and this repeating cycle of expansion and contraction as seasons change slowly weakens your roof materials. This weatherization cycle cannot be avoided no matter what type of roof you have–wooden shakes, asphalt shingles, metal panels. Furthermore, all of the seams and joints at which different roofing materials meet suffer stress, causing separation and breakage.
Save Money

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To replace the broken and missing shingles to this Gainesville home, Pop up all the roofing nails so the new shingles can be slid in and re-fastened. Re-fasten all the loose surrounding shingles. Apply Geocel Tripolymer sealant to the underside of shingles for 100% adhesion.

Industry analysts estimate that each dollar of preventive maintenance on your roof results in $5 of cost savings, an impressive return on investment. Where does this cost savings come from? First, you save money by avoiding repairs. Whether you analyze cars or roofs, maintenance work always costs less than corrective repairs. Roofing systems in particular cost multiple thousands of dollars to repair and replace whereas preventive maintenance work can cost as little as a few hundred dollars every year or two.

Next, annual preventive maintenance on your roof will save you money by ensuring your home is as energy efficient as possible. Your professional roofing contractor will check everything from the waterproofing material on your roof deck to the insulation in your attic and the performance of your ridge vents to ensure your home is cool in summer and warm in winter. Your contractor will also check to see if your attic has proper ventilation and air circulation, which is vital for preventing ice dams from forming in winter and overheating in summer. Not only will your roofing materials last longer because there will be less temperature fluctuation, but you will also have an easier time maintaining a steady comfortable temperature within your home year round.

Image of an Ice Dam Repair in Gainesville Virginia

The key to avoiding the high cost of an ice dam repair in Gainesville is to make sure the attic is properly ventilated and insulated to allow proper air flow.


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