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Roof Fan Installation Repair for Year Round Protection.

A roof fan installation repair may seem like overkill to you, but in an attic where the ventilation is not sufficient to keep the air temperature down, it may be the very thing that prevents disaster. Consider this – the space in the attic is the buffer zone between the outside Northern Virginia weather and the rooms beneath it. You need plenty of air circulation to help your attic and roof do the jobs they are designed to do.

A Roof Fan will provide Protection Year Round against Heat, Moisture and Condensation
Unless you store items you use frequently in the attic, you likely don’t go up there much unless it is to chase out squirrels or bats trying to nest. You will also go up there if you discover water leaking through the ceiling. Though it may not sound reasonable, your attic can cause water damage in the rooms it is supposed to protect in totally dry weather. The problem starts with excessive moisture collecting in the airspace between the upper floor ceilings and the roof.

In the winter the air temperature inside your attic needs to be almost as cold as the exterior temperature to prevent condensation from forming. If the air in the attic is too warm, when the roof cools down at night the amount of condensation turns into puddles and trickles down to your ceilings. Your attic is a good candidate for a roof fan if you have the required insulation and proper attic vents and the humidity is still high.

Keep Attic Dry with Roof Fan Installation or Repair

Consider all the sources of humidity and steam in the house add to the mix. The dryer, washer, dishwasher, shower, air conditioning units and humidifier produce humidity that rises to the uppermost part of the house with warmer, lighter air. Once it gets trapped in the attic it must be drawn out with a roof fan if the ventilation is poor.

A damp attic is a detriment the rest of the house. It lowers the R-value of the insulation and this creates higher energy bills. It causes mold and mildew to grow on the underside of the roof sheathing and the trusses. Metal fasteners rust and break. Water damage is done to the drywall or plaster. A roof fan will make a huge difference to the ventilation in your attic.

Don’t wait get a new roof fan installation or repair your existing roof fan. It will protect your home year round from the elements and at the same time it will lower your electric bill.

We service all areas of Northern Virginia for roof fan installation or repair including the Cities of Fairfax, Haymarket, Ashburn, Lorton and Broadlands.

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