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A roof leak can be so much more than just a big headache. Roof leaks can instantly transform your Fairfax City home or businesses roof into an expensive mess. Rotting timber, drooping drywall and even black mold can occur within 24 hours of a leak. Our experts can fix any roof or siding repair you may have. We can be reached at (703) 303-8546 or via our contact form to get your free estimate and roof inspection on your roof repair in Fairfax City.

Different shingles for different homes in Fairfax City

Different shingles for different homes in Fairfax City

Not All Roof Shingles are Created Equal which will Cause Roof Leaks

Shingles are obviously an essential part of keeping any home watertight.  As part of the process, they need to be properly aligned, correctly nailed down, and watched for problems.  But, even before the shingle is installed, it can already have problems that will lead to a faster need for a roof repair in Fairfax City.  Not all shingles are created equal, and flawed shingles can create big problems.  As well, if the shingles aren’t handled correctly before they are installed, they will be weakened and damaged before they are even nailed down.  Getting higher quality shingles and taking care of them will increase protection and help avoid roof leaks.

Asphalt shingles all have many characteristics that they all share in common, such as having three tabs at the bottom, having a clearly marked nail down strip, and having a seal down strip to increase the strength of the bond between shingles.  But it is important to note that a shingle with a continuous seal-down strip can actually promote leaks.  When a seal down strip isn’t continuous, i.e. looks like a dotted line, if a puncture does occur in the shingle above, the water is able to escape through the gaps in the line.  If the strip is continuous across the length of the shingle, water that has leaked through will flow along the strip until it reaches the end, where it can seep through the crack between the shingles.  Even though there is more of a “seal” on these types of shingles, the breaks in the seal actually promote a healthier roof.  When given the choice, opting for shingles with interspersed sealant reinforces the roof against leaks.

Shingles can crack when walked on or installed improperly

Shingles can crack when walked on or installed improperly

Shingles Cracked by Roofers

If you have ever heard roofers talk about “breaking the bundle” you may wonder what they are talking about.  Breaking the bundle is when a roofer lays a so that it doesn’t slide off one way or the other.  Ironically, this does break the bundle.  Shingles are designed to lie flat, and by laying a pile of them over a ridge, stress fractures are created and the shingle lamination’s become separated.  This reduces the lifespan of the roof.  Always store shingles flat, either on the ground or on the sloped part of the roof, using a board to help avoid slipping.  As well, cold weather makes shingles more vulnerable to breaking, so limit cold-weather roofing to emergency repairs.

The historic buildings and landmarks of Fairfax City

Fairfax City Housing Market

Within Fairfax City lies the Historic District which, as of 1987, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  The historic buildings and landmarks of the district are reminders of the heritage of the community and the important role the town has played, serving as a major crossroad and judicial center in northern Virginia.  The most prominent building within the district is the Old Town Hall, built in 1900.  The hall was constructed and donated to the city by Joseph E. Willard, who served as the minister to Spain.  In 1987 the main floor of the building was renovated, and in 1995 the second floor received similar renovations.

Many of the buildings in the area carry a rich past and historic significance, including the Ratcliffe-Allison House (the oldest house in the city, built in 1812), the Ford Building (home to Antonia Ford who was imprisoned as a spy), and the Dr. William Gunnell House (site of Brig. Gen. Edwin H. Stoughton’s capture by Ranger John Mosby).  Potential homebuyers often gravitate to the area in order to stay in touch with American history and to enjoy the beautiful buildings and surroundings. A review of available real estate, whether in the district or nearby, is well worth the effort.

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