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It’s easy to prevent your home or businesses roof from prematurely decaying and causing trouble. Roof problems start when roofing systems are neglected and are allowed to erode without repairs. With the right maintenance program, a biannual inspection and the occasional roof repair in Dunn Loring, you can be sure that your asphalt shingles will have an extended lifespan well past the average age. By preventing these common roofing problems from taking place before they start, you can easily put off the inevitable Dunn Loring roof replacement and ensure that roof leaks don’t have a chance to happen. Use these tips and techniques for preventing these common roofing problems and you can be sure that your asphalt shingles will last for many more years to come. Give us a call at (703) 303-8546 or use our contact form to get a free estimate.

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A roof leak is more than just an inconvenience that will ruin your day. Roof leaks can cause severe damages to your Dunn Loring home or business and should be prevented at all costs. Black mold and mildew can form inside the structure, instantly causing expensive damages and serious health concerns. Inspecting your roof twice a year before wet winter weather and hot summer months have a chance to take their toll on your aging roof can help to prevent costly roof repair and premature roof replacement. If you spot any of the following roofing problems, give a call at (703) 303-8546 or fill out our submission form and we’ll send our crew of professional Dunn Loring roofers to inspect and repair any roofing problems we find. Check out our contractor’s roofing reviews and see for yourself why is the best at roof inspections, repair and replacement in the entire Dunn Loring area.

Damaged Shingles – This obvious to spot roofing problem can easily be repaired when areas are small and confided. Whether it is from storm damages or just old age, most damaged shingles can be fixed with a basic roof repair. But when shingles are cupped or curled, it can be a sure sign that asphalt shingles are well past their prime. In some extreme cases, inferior attic ventilation can heat up roof shingles from underneath and cause them to prematurely age. If you notice any shingles on your home or businesses that are damaged, be sure to call a crew of licensed and insured roofers to inspect and repair the problem before they have a chance to get worse.

Sealants – Most roofing penetrations are covered by a metal boot that seals the hole from water penetration. These stacks or “boots” are sealed using tar, butyl and even rubber grommets. When heavy sun damages or severe wet weather have a chance to prematurely decay the sealants that protect your roofing penetrations, you can bet a roof leak is eminent. Check for cracks, splits or peeling materials and have them repaired immediately by professional roofers.

Soffit and Fascia – Looking at your shingles is just the start of any thorough roofing inspection. Soffit and fascia is used to protect the edge of your home from water intrusion. If these metal, wood or vinyl materials are loose, damaged or broken, they can easily be the cause of a roof leak. Be sure to check the drip edge, soffit and fascia of your homes roof to prevent premature roof aging.

Poor Attic Ventilation – No roofing inspection is complete without inspecting your Dunn Loring, Virginia home or businesses attic space. Poor attic ventilation can destroy shingles from underneath and cause them to become brittle and break. Be sure that you inspect your attic space when performing a roofing inspection to prevent serious damages to your roofing materials.

Manufacturer’s defects – In some cases, poor installation practices or manufacturers defects can cause shingles to age well before their time. Keep a vigilant eye out for slipping shingles, exposed nails and loose vents as these can all make an asphalt shingle roofs lifespan significantly shorter.

Discolorations – Stains, rust and other odd discolorations can mean that flashing problems are occurring on your roof. Look for signs of rust and metallic corrosion around chimneys, below skylights and in valleys as these can be sure signals that you need an immediate roof repair. Call in a crew of professional roofers right away to ensure your roof lasts as long as possible before the inevitable roof replacement is needed.

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