For your roof to function properly, one of the parts that need to be in good condition is the shingles. Not only do shingles give your roof an attractive appearance, they also prevent water from seeping into the house. They act as the first barrier against water. So if you have missing shingles, which is a common problem during summer, please don’t ignore it.

You might be wondering what causes shingles to become damaged or go missing in the first place. In most cases, they are old and easily damaged or blown off by the wind, as described in the post below:

Missing Shingles

Many homeowners have seen this kind of wind damage after a thunderstorm and have had to pick up shingles in their yard following high winds. Why does this happen, and why does it happen so often?

Self-sealing fiberglass asphalt shingles use an asphalt-based adhesive that seals the shingle to the shingle below it after it is heated by the sun in the warm summer months. After just a few years of exposure to the sun’s ultra-violet rays and radiant heat, the adhesive dries out and loses its adhesion. If the exposed portion of the shingle is not adhered to the fastened portion of the shingle below it, wind can easily blow the shingle off. Read more at Walker Roofing…

As summer progresses, you may notice that some shingles are not where they should be. The heat of the sun, especially over time, can cause them to grow loose and move from their positions. As a result, some get lost or damaged.

missing shingles

The dilemma then becomes how to handle this issue. Should you replace them all, or just the missing ones – and will that be effective? The following post describes the best course of action if you are going to make a wise investment when dealing with missing shingles:

Replace One or Replace Them All?

Replacing one or two missing shingles is good but it might be better to just get them all replaced. Shingles shouldn’t be tearing off or falling from your roof unless the structure is old or there is something wrong with it. So when you take the time to replace one, you could benefit from addressing all the potential issues, assuming it is necessary.

Three things to also look for if you spot a missing shingle to replace:

Cracked shingles: A shingle that is in bits due to cracks and breaks is essentially just a missing shingle. It is no longer doing its job to protect your home and should be replaced.

Bouncy roofing: You should never step on your roof and feel like you’re on a weak trampoline. Bouncy steps means that moisture is trapped in your shingles and affecting the underlying woodwork. This is not good.

Foreign objects or visitors: Is there outside debris on the inside of your attic? Did you find a wild animal in your crawlspace? A larger hole in your shingles and roofing is likely to blame. Read more at Lyons Roofing…

Before you rush to replace the missing shingles, ensure that you know exactly what you are dealing with. There may be underlying problems that may grow worse if not properly addressed.

missing shingles

While it is advisable to get the final solution immediately, you may consider some factors (such as the weather) that demand a temporary solution first. The following post talks more about this option:

Consider Short Term Measures

Depending on the cause of the missing shingles, there are times when short-term measures would be fine. For example, you might focus on fixing the leak first to get you through the day or night. In some cases, you may have to do with short-term solutions until the rainstorm is over. Once the conditions are dry, you would be free to institute more permanent solutions. A roof repair project with a more broad-looking outlook would be fine at this point. Re-roofing would also be highly advisable to fix the problem permanently. Read more at Professional Roofing Experts…

Whether you require an emergency solution or a complete roof repair project to deal with the problem of missing shingles, you need to work with the experts.

missing shingles

If you are looking for a professional residential roofing company to handle your roof problems, including missing shingles, we are your company of choice. We are committed to providing you with roof inspection, roof replacement and roof repair services in Broadlands VA that are simply the best, and at an unbeatable price. Call us today!

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