It is a fact that roofing projects can be quite costly. However, if you plan for them at the right time and work with the right roofing contractor, it can really pay off. It’s summer, so there’s really no need to put off replacing your roof until a later date. The warm weather won’t be here forever.

You may have your fingers crossed hoping that you won’t need to invest in roof replacement immediately. If your roof can survive another two or three years without replacement, then you’re off the hook.  However, you need to make an accurate determination of where you stand. There are some warnings that alert you of the need to replace your roof ASAP. The following post explains them in detail:


If you notice that your shingles are curling or even missing, or if you have obvious leaks coming into the house, it is time for a new roof. If your roof is showing those obvious signs of deterioration, a simple visual inspection might be enough to determine whether or not you need a roof replacement. Rise-Up Ltd in Edmonton shares some signs you need a new roof:

  1. Shingles are peeling or rotting.

When an asphalt roof needs replacing, it’s pretty obvious. The shingles will be curling or peeling at the edges. An asphalt roof can last 15 to 25 years, assuming it was installed and ventilated properly, so if your shingles are peeling it means your roof is older than that or that your shingles are flawed. Read more at Renovation Find…

If you bought your home and do not know the exact age of your roof, you can still check for signs of an aging roof. You would rather replace it than suffer a leaking roof when winter comes.

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Perhaps you’re wondering if there’s another time of the year when you could replace your roof without much hassle. The following post discusses this:

When is the Best Time of Year to Replace My Roof?

Most roofs are composed of asphalt shingles. Yours may very well be included in this majority. If it is, it’ll probably last about 20 years and then be due for a replacement. If your roof is nearing the end of its lifespan, it’s time to think about your roof replacement options. The best time of the year to have a roofing contractor install your new roof may not be what you think.


It’s probably a given that winter isn’t the best time to replace a roof, for obvious reasons. Aside from the snow and ice, the cold temperatures can make roofing materials harden and brittle. Shingles could even crack during installation. Tools roofers use don’t work as well in cold temperatures, and sealants won’t be able to be applied as effectively; shingles will take much longer to adhere to each other than they would in higher temperatures. Read more at Hedrick Construction Inc…

If you notice any problem with your roof now, it is best to address it before winter sets in. It will be embarrassing to ask a roofer to deal with your roof when temperatures are at zero.

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There are different factors that determine the ultimate cost of roof replacement. For instance, the characteristics of your house have a lot to do with it, as the following post explains:

5 Factors that Influence Roof Replacement Costs

Roof replacement, though a cost-intensive home improvement commitment, delivers sizeable returns in the long run, provided the job is executed by a competent roof replacement company and the investment is optimally utilized. Therefore, when you reach out to roof replacement companies for quotes, it is important to ensure you have a fair idea about the key factors that will influence the cost of the project. Read the blog post to learn about five such factors.

  1. Size

Size of the roof is the biggest factor driving the cost, as roofing companies install roofing on a per square basis. The roofer takes measurement on square footage and divide the number by 100 to calculate roofing square. Read more at Triumph Roofing and Construction…

So the next time you find yourself complaining about how expensive roof replacement is, remember that several things need to be considered if it is going to serve you for the next two decades or so.

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That said, working with a professional roofer is still your best option for making a worthwhile investment. At, we offer roof replacement, roof repair and roof inspection services for the best prices. If you’re in Dunn Loring VA and need professional and experienced roofers, call us today.


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