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A thorough roofing inspection from a licensed and insured roofer can help to prevent costly repair projects from ruining your day and costing you a fortune. If you are looking for a  Clifton roof repair company call us today at (703) 303-8546 to get a free estimate or use our contact form located here.   Our roofers can handle any of your roofing or siding repair needs.

A roof replacement is a big job, simply because the size and angle of the roof require a great deal of time.  In order to speed up the process, inexperienced roofers will often resort to several lazy tactics that look good from the ground, but don’t hold up nearly as well as they need to.  At a higher level of perspective, this happens when the roofer doesn’t step back and take a look at the big picture and improperly designs the roof when the house is originally being constructed.  At the small scale, it can be rushing through by improperly nailing.  Either situation will almost always lead to leaks.

Properly nailing down shingles is essential in maintaining water tightness in a roof.  If they aren’t correctly placed, wind can get underneath and lift them, allowing an easy path for water into the roof.  Examples of lazy nailing include placing too few nails per shingle, not placing nails at the correct angle, placing the nails too high or too low, and not storm nailing (putting in six nails per shingle instead of four) in areas prone to high winds or on roofs with a steep pitch.  Nail placement is essential in prolonging the life of a roof, and improper placement leads to frequent problems from the very first.

Unfortunately, after the roof is designed and installed, there is little that can be done to repair it without a massive overhaul from a professional Clifton roof repair contractor.   Mistakes that commonly occur during the design phase are valleys draining against a sidewall, misdirected gutter spouts, chimneys that block water flows, bad dormer locations, and excessively complicated roof lines.  All of these situations allow for weak areas to develop in the roof, drastically increasing the chances of roof leaks.  There isn’t much that can be done about these flaws after the fact, but keeping a closer eye on them can limit the amount of repairs and damage done in the future.

Clifton Housing Market

Clifton, Virginia, is one of the few cities in the area that has all green lights when it comes to the real estate market.  The average value per square foot is up 9.8 percent over the last year, the average sale prices for homes has increased by 14 percent, and the number of homes sold rose by 29 percent.  Homes are valued higher all around, leading to the higher average sales price, but the higher prices aren’t deterring buyers, as demonstrated by the number of homes sold.  Clifton’s market seems to be on the rise with no immediate peak in sight.

Clifton is an incredibly small town, as compared to its larger neighbors, with only three tenths of a square mile in area and roughly 300 residents.  Clifton is small on purpose, due to its proximity to the Occoquan Reservoir.  An ordinance was enacted in the 1970’s, which stated that only one building could be placed on any five-acre parcel of land.  This has created heavily forested areas with single-family homes that are spread out enough to be comfortably independent of each other.

The limit on land has stifled commercial development and fostered a situation of luxury, single-family homes.  Clifton residents are grateful for the space, and are simultaneously looking to help the world at large.  Since 2000, Clifton has sponsored an annual antique car show which attracts hundreds of cars, thousands of visitors, and raises tens of thousands of dollars for local charities.  In the last five years alone, over $120,000 has been raised for various charities.  Clifton has perfectly balanced the beauty of living the small town, large plot lifestyle with staying involved in both local and global needs.

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