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If you need a Chantilly roofing contractor is licensed and insured to perform roof repairs throughout Virginia.  We specialize in roofing and siding repair and can send one of our Chantilly roof repair  experts to conduct a roofing inspection.  We can be reached at (703) 303-8546 or via our contact page here. Our expert staff can find any roof leaks and often repair them the same day. To find out more about our superior workmanship and customer service click on A+ BBB logo or Our Reviews.

Architectural shingles are made of the same basic components as three-tab shingles, but this doesn’t mean that their installation is exactly the same.  The differences are only slight during a roof repair or a roof replacement, but as they do exist it is best to ask for the help from local roofers if you are unsure.  The fortunate news is that while it is different, it isn’t necessarily harder. Once you know how to do it, a roof installation should go quickly and smoothly.

As architectural shingles weigh more than three-tab shingles, layering them isn’t a good idea.  So, even if you only have a single layer of shingles on your roof, the first step is to remove all the old shingles, starting at the top and working your way down.  Having a dumpster placed at the base of your roof can save you having to move the shingles twice.  After you have removed all shingles, do another sweep of the roof, looking for any visible nails.  Pull out any nails left over from the shingles, and pound down raised nails.

In preparation for installing the new shingles, install one layer of 15 or 30 lb. roofing felt over the decking.  After the roof has all necessary felt installed, you will need to install your first shingle row on the bottom edge on the roof.  Like three-tab shingles, you will need to use what are called starter shingles as the first row.  Ask the manufacturer about what kind of starter shingles you’ll need for your particular architectural shingles.  Next, install your row of initial architectural shingles atop the starter shingles, using four roofing nails per strip. As a large benefit of architectural shingles is their texture and look, you will need to cut portions of the shingles off to be used higher up on your roof.  The precise cut measurements can be found listed on every bundle of shingles.  Continue upward to the top of your roof, and install ridge line shingles at the peaks of your roof to ensure water can’t leach in.

Chantilly Housing Market

In Chantilly, Virginia, a real estate trend is being seen throughout the neighboring cities and towns.  The average value of houses is on the rise, but the number of homes being sold is maintaining or slightly declining, implying that people are expecting the price increase to continue.  Compared to a year ago, the average price per square foot rose 10.6 percent and the average selling price of homes in the city rose by 16.2 percent, indicating a strong recovery.  The number of homes sold decreased by 5.5 percent as residents have recognized the earning potential in staying put for another handful of years.  That, combined with the inherent benefits of living in the area, makes it the perfect location for those looking to relocate.

Chantilly has actually decreased in population over that last decade, but not for the typical reasons.  The community has been divided into three separate communities, including Greenbriar and Fail Lakes.  The area is seen by many as a “boom town,” due to its past, ongoing, and predicted development.  Many professionals appreciate the small town feel and commute to nearby cities, such as Washington, D.C.  The area is accustomed to affluence, with the median income of households being over $105,000 and having only 1.3 percent of its population below the poverty line.  The increased income benefits the community, as donations and funding are rarely an issue in further developments.  The city suffered housing market issues over the last few years along with the rest of the country, but is back on track to continue its extraordinary growth.

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